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Our experts

Ceres experts ground their work in research and science to make the financial business case for sustainability. Members of the media and event organizers should contact our communications staff at [email protected] to connect with our experts.

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Bakal head shot

Dan Bakal

Senior Program Director, Climate and Energy

Bateson head shot

Blair Bateson

Director, Company Network, Financial Services

Berridge head shot

Rob Berridge

Senior Director, Investor Network, Shareholder Engagement

Boudett head shot

Michael Boudett

General Counsel

Ching head shot

Carolyn Ching

Director, Food and Forests, Research

Clarke head shot

Steven Clarke

Senior Director, Climate and Energy

Coburn head shot

Jim Coburn

Senior Manager, Ceres Accelerator, Disclosure and Regulation

Collins head shot

Siobhan Collins

Director, Company Network

Cordes head shot

Leslie Cordes

Vice President, Programs

Draucker Ph.D. head shot

Laura Draucker Ph.D.

Senior Director, Corporate Climate Action

Ellsworth head shot

Peter Ellsworth

Senior Director, Investor Network, Private Equity and Paris Aligned Investing

Friedman head shot

Zach Friedman

Director, Federal Policy

James head shot

Kirsten James

Senior Program Director, Water

Kelly head shot

Anne L. Kelly

Vice President, Government Relations

Kodransky head shot

Michael Kodransky

Senior Director, Climate and Energy, Transportation

Logan head shot

Andrew Logan

Senior Director, Climate and Energy, Oil and Gas

Lubber head shot

Mindy Lubber

CEO and President

Mail head shot

Randi Mail

Director, Ceres Accelerator, Campaigns

Martin head shot

Dawn M. Martin

Executive Vice President and Chief Program Officer

McHale head shot

Cynthia McHale

Senior Director, Investor Network, Shareholder Engagement

Ormond head shot

Mary Ann Ormond

Senior Director, Company Network, Food and Beverage, Retail, Healthcare

Perveen, Ph.D. head shot

Shama Perveen, Ph.D.

Director, Water, Research

Rascoff head shot

Jake Rascoff

Director, Ceres Accelerator for Sustainable Capital Markets

Richards, Ph.D. head shot

Meryl Richards, Ph.D.

Program Director, Food and Forests

Rothstein head shot

Steven Rothstein

Managing Director, Ceres Accelerator

Saccardi head shot

Dan Saccardi

Program Director, Company Network

Seligman head shot

Dan Seligman

Director, Climate and Energy, Steel

Spalding head shot

Kirsten Spalding

Vice President, Investor Network