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Strengthen the Federal Supply Chain with Climate Resilience

"Knowing where your goods and services are manufactured, and where they come from, is critical in a world that is affected by climate change risk and by political instability."

Richard Kidd

Richard Kidd

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary, Defense for Environment & Energy Resilience

"This new requirement provides a national security advantage and allows these companies to dive deep into how they think about their mission, their value to their customers, what they make, what they produce, and who they interact with."

Karla Perri

Karla Perri

Former Assistant Deputy Under Secretary, Environment, Department of Defense

"It's a great first step for that first tranche of suppliers in these FAR rules to begin measuring their own emissions."

Miranda Ballentine

Miranda Ballentine

Former CEO, Clean Energy Buyers Alliance

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Apr 29, 2024
A New Era of Federal Procurement: Managing Climate Risks and Promoting Sustainable Supply Chains
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Dec 12, 2022
Proposed Climate Risk and Resilience Rule for Federal Contractors: A Roundtable Discussion

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