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Ceres Ambition 2030

Through the Ceres Ambition 2030 initiative, we’re working to decarbonize six of the highest-emitting sectors in the U.S. economy by driving greater corporate ambition, action, and accountability on aggressive greenhouse gas emission reductions. 

priority sectors including banking, electric power, food and agriculture, oil and gas, steel, and transportation.


metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent is produced across our priority sector value chains.


of total U.S. GHG emissions is estimated to be covered by our priority sectors.

Create your climate transition plan 

Broad climate commitments and long-term goals, even to reach net zero emissions, aren’t enough. The next step for companies is to develop and publicly disclose a concrete plan for achieving emissions reduction targets—with specific, measurable, and time-bound goals. Learn how to create a climate transition plan that outlines the actions your company plans to take throughout its business—including its growth strategy, procurement, operations, and customer engagement activities.

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Sector dashboard

We evaluate greenhouse gas emissions disclosure and goals across the initiative’s priority sectors. Companies are assessed against the Ceres Ambition Spectrum, which evaluates the robustness of corporate climate and clean energy commitments and identifies key steps a company must take to achieve a robust 1.5°C-aligned goal.

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