About Ceres

Ceres is a non-profit organization advocating for sustainability leadership. We mobilize a powerful network of investors, companies and public interest groups to accelerate and expand the adoption of sustainable business practices and solutions to build a healthy global economy.

Our Mission

Mobilizing investor and business leadership to build a thriving, sustainable global economy.

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Ceres is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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Ceres - Mobilizing Business Leadership for a Sustainable World

Ceres leads a national coalition of investors, environmental organizations and other public interest groups working with companies to address sustainability challenges such as global climate change and water scarcity.

Ceres Blogs and Columns

How Green is that Bond?

03/23/2015: On Friday, March 13, the Wall Street Journal published an article that noted how a university parking garage in Massachusetts was financed by a bond that was labeled “green.” The reporter wondered how that could be considered a proper “green” project. He wasn’t the only one.

Brewing a Better Planet

03/13/2015: With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, leading breweries across America are reminding us that there are lots of ways to green your beer. Climate change impacts the brewing industry in unique ways, and the industry is finding innovative ways to reduce their impacts. On Tuesday, BICEP announced that 24 leading breweries have joined the Brewery Climate Declaration, a companion to the larger national Climate Declaration.

2015 is a Critical Year to Accelerate the Shift from Fossil Fuels to Clean Energy

02/27/2015: Knowing that we need an additional trillion dollars per year in clean energy might sound daunting at first – but several developments in recent weeks show that not only is this goal within our grasp, but also that some of the biggest capital market actors now see the economic opportunities of investing in the Clean Trillion.

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Ceres News

Levi Strauss & Co. Unzipped
Levi Strauss & Co.: Connecting the Drops With Your Jeans

03/17/2015: Levi Strauss & Co. recently joined Ceres’ “Connect the Drops” campaign to show our support for the importance of water conservation in California. As a company, we’re committed to increasing awareness around this critical issue. That’s why, after undertaking a new Product Lifecycle Assessment (LCA), we’ve announced a new campaign to educate consumers about the environmental impact of their jeans.

Ceres Press Release
New Ceres Report Aims to Improve Investor Practices on Global Water Risks

03/10/2015: Amid growing concerns about water scarcity and other global sustainability risks, the nonprofit group Ceres today released a new report designed to help global investors improve their analysis and decision-making on such issues.

Ceres Press Release
Beer Companies Join Call for Action on Climate Change

03/10/2015: New Belgium Brewery, Guinness, Smuttynose Brewing Company and Deschutes Brewery join dozens of brewers in announcing today they’ve signed the Climate Declaration, a business call to action that urges policymakers to seize the economic opportunity of tackling climate change.

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