• October 18, 2011


Download the Aqua Gauge Tool for PC          Download the Aqua Gauge Tool for Mac


How it Works

The Aqua Gauge is a flexible Excel-based tool and associated methodology that allows investors to scorecard a company’s water management activities against detailed definitions of leading practice. Developed through a nine-month consultation process with representatives from over 50 investment and financial institutions, companies, conservation groups, and other organizations active on water-related issues, the Aqua Gauge builds on the foundation outlined by The Ceres Roadmap for Sustainability—and like the Ceres Roadmap, it focuses on governance and management, stakeholder engagement and disclosure.

The Aqua Gauge is neither a survey nor another channel of corporate disclosure. Its primary aims are to help equity investors interpret and evaluate the information provided by companies on their management of water issues, and to provide a framework to guide investor engagement and dialogue with companies.

Beyond helping investors, the Aqua Gauge also benefits companies by giving them a complete picture of leading practice in water management, a resource to help inform and strengthen their own water management strategies, and a methodology for assessing their performance and progress.

Download the Aqua Gauge Tool for PC     Download the Aqua Gauge Tool for Mac

The Benefits

For companies, the Aqua Gauge offers a comprehensive assessment tool for evaluating an existing water strategy or building one from the ground up. It helps assess the maturity of corporate water management systems across the enterprise—from risk assessment, goal-setting and accountability systems to procurement, siting and CapEx decisions. The Aqua Gauge is aligned with relevant water tools and directs companies to risk assessment tools, resources and initiatives that can further support their water strategy. It is also a resource for improving disclosure and informing engagement with investors on water issues. 


“The Aqua Gauge reflects the most advanced thinking available on corporate water management. It’s a ground-breaking framework that we are using and sharing with suppliers and customers.”

— Greg Koch, Director, Global Water Stewardship, The Coca-Cola Company

“The Aqua Gauge helped us reconfirm our strengths, and identify areas where we need to do more. For investors and stakeholders, it helps us provide accurate information so they can better assess and understand our water risks.”
— Prit Kotecha, Manager, Water Strategy & Solutions, Suncor Energy

For investors, the Aqua Gauge provides a benchmark for assessing corporate water management and enabling them to evaluate, scorecard and compare companies based on their publicly available information. It is a resource for corporate engagement, providing a framework to inform dialogue with company representatives on water risk. The Aqua Gauge also provides guidance on key regions and sectors facing water-related risks, helping investors prioritize and focus their analysis and engagement activities.


“We are using the Aqua Gauge to analyze companies in our portfolios and to help us engage with companies on water risk.”
—  Jack Ehnes, CEO, California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRs)

“The Aqua Gauge is a powerful tool that helps us prioritize and informs our dialogues with companies.”

—  Lara Yacob, Senior Engagement Specialist, Robeco Investment Management

Learn more about corporate water risk in our report, The Ceres Aqua Gauge: A Framework for 21st Century Water Risk