The Ceres Investor Network on Climate Risk and Sustainability comprises more than 130 institutional investors, collectively managing more than $15 trillion in assets, advancing leading investment practices, corporate engagement strategies and policy solutions to build an equitable, sustainable global economy and planet. 

Why join? 

Investors who join Ceres Investor Network on Climate Risk and Sustainability have a unique opportunity to build sustainable investment leadership and drive solutions, while also seizing the economic opportunities embedded in the clean energy economy.

Member Benefits

  • Collaboration through working groups on ESG strategies, engagement opportunities and best practices.
  • Greater investor voice on improving corporate disclosure of climate change and other sustainability risks in company financial filings. 
  • Opportunities to engage on and influence policies on climate change, clean energy, water scarcity and human rights at all levels of government. 
  • Heightened visibility of investor leadership through collaboration and traditional and social/digital media opportunities.
  • Support and enhanced coordination in filing corporate shareholder resolutions and corporate engagements on climate change and other key sustainability issues. 
  • Access to cutting-edge Ceres reports and tools on sustainable investing trends and key sustainability issues.
  • Access to webinars on emerging investment risks and opportunities in low-carbon technologies and across all asset classes
  • Opportunities for more meaningful collaboration, allowing investors to share information, intelligence, experiences and strategies.  
  • Access to networking opportunities with peer investors through annual spring meetings, held as part of the annual Ceres Conference and the bi-annual Investor Summit on Climate Risk hosted at the United Nations.
  • Collaboration with the Global Investor Coalition on Climate Change for dialogue among investors and governments on international policy.

How to Join

For additional information on the Ceres Investor Network on Climate Risk and Sustainability and how to join, contact Rebecca Bar, Senior Associate, Investor Program: email: or phone: 617-247-0700 ext: 162.