The Ceres Company Network comprises Fortune 500 firms and other major companies setting the highest bar for sustainability leadership, committing to robust sustainability goals, and improving resiliency in their operations and supply chains. By leveraging Ceres’ unique access to investors, companies and other advocacy organizations, Company Network members realize a competitive advantage by integrating stronger environmental, social and governance practices into their core business strategies.

Why join? 

The Ceres team has a depth of expertise in governance and board oversight, transparency and disclosure, stakeholder engagement and a range of impact areas, including climate change and clean energy, water stewardship, sustainable agriculture and labor and human rights, among others. By combining our in-house expertise with our deep and long-standing partnerships with investors, companies and other advocacy organizations, we provide Ceres Company Network members with unique access to a breadth of external perspectives and guidance. 

Members leverage a diversity of engagement options to gain key insights into the expectations of their most critical stakeholder groups---and also commit to integrating these insights into strategic planning and priority setting. Ceres challenges its members to collaborate and innovate in order to advance the transition toward a more sustainable economic future.  

Member Benefits 

  • A solutions-focused independent stakeholder engagement process with a customized team of investors, social and environmental advocates, academics and other issue experts.
  • Customized consultation and advice from a dedicated Ceres relationship manager, coupled with access to a breadth of Ceres issue and industry experts. 
  • Annual assessment of sustainability performance based upon the Ceres Roadmap for Sustainability. 
  • Executive and board presentations sharing Ceres expertise and insights on emerging sustainability trends, investor expectations and other relevant topics.
  • Partnership and support on special projects designed to accelerate sustainability performance.
  • Opportunities to participate in industry and cross-industry collaborations on shared sustainability challenges. 
  • Access to the Ceres Investor Network, representing more than 120 investors with over $15 trillion in assets under management, and insight into rising investor interest on corporate sustainability issues;
  • Opportunities for public policy engagement via the Ceres-led Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP) and our Connect the Drops campaign.  
  • Joint communication opportunities to highlight examples of sustainability leadership. 
  • Access to Ceres cutting-edge reports and tools on emerging sustainability issues, trends, benchmarking, and members-only webinars. 
  • Discounted member rates for the Ceres Conference, and members-only access to pre-conference meetings and other Ceres events.
  • Heightened visibility of company leadership and/or progress through traditional, social and digital media. 

Member Requirements

  • Executive-level, public-facing commitment to improve environmental and social performance.
  • Public disclosure of sustainability strategy, goals and performance. Ceres encourages the use of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting standard.
  • Regular and substantive engagement with investors, environmental and social advocates, and other key stakeholders, as well as clear communication of how the company considers and integrates stakeholder feedback into strategic decision-making.
  • Continuous improvement in corporate sustainability performance and disclosure. 

Annual membership fees are on a sliding scale based on company annual revenue. Special projects may incur an additional fee. Please inquire for details.

How to Join

For additional information about the Ceres Company Network and how to join, please contact Miguel CuUnjieng, Manager of Corporate Program at Ceres: email or phone: 617-247-0700 ext: 129.