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A representative of Ceres spoke at the California Air Resources Board (CARB) hearing on March 24 on behalf of major U.S. businesses - representing over $400 billion in annual revenue - that support clean car standards that benefit 13 state economies and over 113 million consumers. The “clean car states” include California and the twelve states that have adopted California’s standards, as well as D.C.

“Clean cars save consumers money at the pump, which is then spent supporting local economies instead of out-of-state oil interests,” said Andy Wunder, state program manager for Ceres. “Economies of the 13 clean cars states – and DC – benefit from the increased spending and job creation in other sectors. The standards also drive investment and innovation in advanced technologies, enhancing U.S. competitiveness.

Click here to access Wunder’s official testimony.

In a letter to CARB, the Ceres group Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP), a coalition of leading businesses, including companies such as Levi Strauss & Co., eBay, and Dignity Health, said their support for clean car standards is “firmly grounded in economic reality.”

The BICEP letter expresses support for the Zero Emission Vehicle Program, stating that “because electric vehicles run on cleaner energy than petroleum and produce zero tail pipe emissions, the transition to fleet electrification will also result in significant public health benefits and cost savings.”

“These standards have spurred advanced technology that has grown businesses, jobs and the economy in the places that need it most,” continued Wunder. “The clean car states are exercising their right to clean air and - in the process - creating new opportunities for American businesses.”

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