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Previous Winners

A listing of previous winners of the Ceres-ACCA North American Sustainability Reporting Awards.

2010 Winners

Best Sustainability Report: Nike

Nike CSR Report 07-09Nike’s report addresses the new context within which business must operate—one with a rising global population, decreasing natural resources, and an unstable climate—and reveals how Nike, in an effort to take a competitive advantage, is shifting to a more sustainable business model. In the report, Nike recognizes that “sustainability is a route to profitability,” and to that end the report details how the company is integrating sustainability into strategic planning and decision-making, from its board of directors, to its product designers and across its supply chain. The report also demonstrates the company’s commitment to scaling sustainability solutions through the open sourcing of its audit and design tools and its integral role in the creation of the Green Xchange platform.

Best Report (First Runner Up):
 American Electric Power

AEP 2011 Corporate Accountability ReportAmerican Electric Power’s (AEP) Corporate Accountability report represents the company’s shift to a more integrated reporting model—combining AEP’s annual report to shareholders with its traditional sustainability disclosure. This new model of reporting represents the company’s efforts to provide the investor community with a better understanding of the materiality of its corporate sustainability strategies and performance. AEP also issues mid-year updates to stakeholders on its key performance metrics and performance against goals and targets.

Best First Time Report: Anvil Knitwear

Anvil 2010 CSR ReportAnvil Knitwear’s first sustainability report demonstrates the company’s commitment to the integration of sustainability into its business model. The company uses the web to deliver a compelling report and candidly describes key challenges facing the company and its industry. Anvil also drives consumer education through its interactive website, which allows customers to input the tracking number from a t-shirt and learn how the product was produced from farm to store.

Commendation for Innovative Use of Web and Social Media: SAP

SAP logoSAP utilized web technology—including video, online dialogue forums, and customizable data charts—to create an interactive online platform for sharing its sustainability strategy and performance. The report offers stakeholders the opportunity to provide uncensored and real-time feedback on every page of the report. SAP also includes an interactive materiality matrix, which invites readers to submit their own materiality analysis for the company and view how the aggregate community feedback compares with the SAP’s own assessment.

2009 Award Winners

Best Sustainability Report

The Timberland Company
Timberland 2007-2008 CSR ReportTimberland’s 2007-2008 report follows the company’s theme of “Responsibility runs deep” with its effective usage of a variety of disclosure strategies, quarterly updates with new data on key performance indicators, and an excellent discussion of the company’s challenges and their efforts towards building an industry-wide standard for labeling. The report also expands upon traditional communication strategies by offering stakeholders new opportunities to engage with Timberland on sustainability issues. Download the report...


First Runner Up

Ford Motor Company
Ford Blueprint for Sustainability 2008-2009Ford’s 2008-09 Blueprint for Sustainability Report addresses the fundamental challenge of sustainability and presents detailed discussion of the company’s economic recovery plan including current progress, restructuring plans, and sustainable strategies. In addition, the report clearly connects sustainability with the business strategy by highlighting past performance, mistakes made, how the company is working to further integrate sustainability into their business model, and their approach for identifying and assessing material risks. Download the report...


Best Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) Report

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation 2008 Sustainability ReportThe 2008 Corporate Consciousness Report takes a look into the company’s vision for “Reinventing the Purpose and Possibility of Business” with an in depth discussion of Seventh Generation’s engagement with its manufacturing partners to improve sustainability performance. The report provides transparent discussion of the increasingly competitive industry and describes how Seventh Generation is working to change its industry through collaboration for improved disclosure. Download the report...


2008 Award Winners

Best Sustainability Report

The 2007-2008 Citizenship Report, GE

Best Small or Medium Enterprise Report

Spheres of Influence: 2007 Corporate Consciousness Report, Seventh Generation

Best First Time Report (Co-Winners)

2007 Sustainability Report, Ball Corporation
2008 Corporate Responsibility Report, Symantec

Commendation for Innovative Reporting

Sustainability Report 2007-08, Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC)

Commendation for Emerging Issues Reporting

Corporate Responsibility Report 2008, Dell, Inc.

2007 Award Winners

Best Sustainability Report (Co-Winners)

The 2006/07 Sustainability Report, Ford Motor Co.
2006 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, The Timberland Company

Commendation for Climate Change Reporting

2007 Report on Sustainability, Suncor Energy, Inc.

Commendation for Product Stewardship Reporting

2007 Sustainability Report, Dell, Inc.

2006 Award Winners

Best Sustainability Report

2004-2005 Accountability Report, Vancity Group

First Runner-Up for Best Sustainability Report

2005 Corporate Responsibility Report, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Best First-Time Report (Co-Winners)

2005 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
2005 Accountability Report, Mountain Equipment Co-op

2005 Award Winners

Best Sustainability Report (Co-Winners)

2004 Corporate Responsibility Report, Nike
2005 Global Citizenship Report, Hewlett-Packard

Best Small or Medium Enterprise Report

Widening the Lens, Seventh Generation

Commendation for Continued Excellence in Integrated Reporting

Annual Report, Dofasco Inc.

Commendation for Continued Excellence in Social Reporting

2004 Social Responsibility Report, Gap Inc.

2004 Award Winners

Best Sustainability Report

2004 Global Citizenship Report, Hewlett-Packard

Best Small or Medium Enterprise Report

2003 Sustainability Report, YSI Incorporated

Commendation For Sustainability Reporting

Vancity's 2002-03 Accountability Report, Vancity Credit Union

Commendation For Social Reporting

2003 Social Responsibility Report, Gap Inc.

2003 Award Winners

Best Sustainability Report

2003 Report on Sustainability, Suncor Energy Inc.

Best Environmental Report

Dell Environmental Report - Creating a Model for Sustainability, Dell Inc.

Best First-Time Report

2002 Sustainability Report, Kinko's, Inc.

Commendation For Sustainability Reporting

2002 Corporate Citizenship Report, Ford Motor Company

Commendation For Innovative Reporting

2002 Annual Report, Dofasco Inc.

2002 Award Winners

Outstanding Sustainability Reporting (Co-Winners)

2001 Ceres Report, Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc.
2001 Corporate Responsibility Report, Chiquita Brands International, Inc.

Outstanding Environmental Reporting

2002 Sustainability Report, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Commendation For Environmental Reporting

2001 Sustainability Progress Report, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)