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Ceres In The News

Listing of news clips featuring Ceres and our work.
GISR launches principles for rating the raters
May 09, 2013
Currently, more than 100 sustainability ratings, ranking and indices evaluate the performance of more than 10,000 companies, using more than 2,000 different indicators. The idea that this cacophony could be harmonized has long been an unattainable dream for companies.
Heeding Sandy’s Lessons, Before the Next Big Storm
May 09, 2013
It has been six months since Hurricane Sandy redrew the northern Mid-Atlantic coastline with its record storm surge and strong winds, paralyzing New York City for days, all the while offering a disturbing preview of what future storms may do to other coastal locations as sea levels continue to rise.
As Oil and Gas Drilling Competes for Water, One New Mexico County Says No
May 09, 2013
In drought-plagued New Mexico, water is gold. And this week, Mora County in the northern part of the state took a firm stand to protect its precious liquid: it banned all oil and gas extraction from county lands.
Insuring Against Heavy Weather
May 08, 2013
Insurance premiums are on the rise as extreme weather events take their toll. It's as a result, they say, of climate change. But is insurance, and business generally, doing enough to prepare for the tougher storms yet to come?
Nearly half of fracking happens in places short on water
May 08, 2013
Hydraulic fracturing uses large amounts of pressurized water — mixed with sand and chemicals — to crack subterranean rocks and release oil or natural gas. Up to 10 million gallons of water can go into a single well. And according to a new study, it’s happening in many places where water supplies are already stretched perilously thin.
Spread of Hydrofracking Could Strain Water Resources in West, Study Finds
May 08, 2013
The rapid expansion of hydraulic fracturing to retrieve once-inaccessible reservoirs of oil and gas could put pressure on already-stressed water resources from the suburbs of Fort Worth to western Colorado.
Nike, EMC, Ikea and other biz giants urge U.S. climate action
Apr 17, 2013
Some of the world's largest businesses have called on America's political leaders to urgently accelerate efforts to build a greener economy.
US companies issue declaration urging government to act on climate change
Apr 12, 2013
US companies are flipping the script: instead of lobbying government to relax (or even gut) environmental regulation, a corporate group is urging Washington to enact strong policy aimed at curbing climate change.
To fix the climate, think like a business
Apr 11, 2013
The innovations of the past century have helped drive growth and improve the livelihoods of many millions of people, but the result is a long way from a sustainable society.
Unhappy Returns: Climate Change's Big Tax on Americans
Apr 10, 2013
Climate change and extreme weather are fundamentally changing the United States, and American taxpayers are paying a huge, and growing, cost.
Greening Executive Bonuses
Mar 28, 2013
Mindy Lubber talks with Jason Margolis of PRI's The World about tying executive's compensation to a company's sustainability goals.
Report: Most insurers not prepared for climate change
Mar 07, 2013
Are insurers ready for the risks posed by climate change? New study finds most aren't fully prepared, but the industry says it can handle claims.
Conservation is conservative approach to solving Texas water problems
Feb 26, 2013
Testimony to the drought of 2011 is still all around us. On the heels of the drought, the idea of seeding a fund to meet the next 50 years of Texas’ water supply needs is a hard idea to pass up.
The Global Journal Top 100 NGOs: Number 6, Ceres
Feb 12, 2013
Ceres has been ranked 6th on The Global Journals list of the Top 100 NGOs, a comprehensive ranking of organizations operating within the non-profit world.
The Scary Truth About How Much Climate Change is Costing You
Feb 08, 2013
While policymakers fiddle, the threat of economic harm posed by rising sea levels, devastating storms, and drought is growing every day.
Schapiro legacy a tougher stance on ESG issues
Jan 24, 2013
Mary L. Schapiro, who stepped down last month as chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, had a four-year tenure marked by significant accomplishment.
Unlikely Firms Bring Clout and Cash to Clean Energy Lobbying Effort
Jan 22, 2013
Companies with no direct ties to renewable power lobbied to save the wind tax credit, signaling a change in the fight for clean energy incentives.
Climate Change 2.0: National Assessment Hammers Home Science Findings
Jan 18, 2013
The newly released National Climate Assessment from a team of federal agencies reinforces the climate-concerned messages from other reports and from a record year of natural disaster damages. But a question remains: Are the public and their leaders hearing the messages?
The US water paradox: falling demand, less money for infrastructure
Jan 08, 2013
Declining demand for water across the western US has created funding problems for systems that rely on volume sales to repay infrastructure costs.
Afraid New World
Jan 06, 2013
When the Atlantic Ocean breached the banks of Manhattan Island and the lights went out south of Broadway, turning Lower Manhattan black, it was likely the first time many in the Northeast realized their environment is seriously changing.