Alli Gold Roberts headshot

Alli Gold Roberts

Manager, State Policy

Amy Augustine headshot

Amy Augustine

Senior Director, Company Network

Andrew Logan Headshot

Andrew Logan

Director, Oil and Gas

Anne Kelly headshot

Anne Kelly

Senior Director, Policy and BICEP Network

Brooke Barton headshot

Brooke Barton

Senior Director, Water and Food

Carol Lee Rawn headshot

Carol Lee Rawn

Director, Transportation

Chris Davis Headshot

Chris Davis

Senior Director, Investor Network

chris fox headshot

Christopher N. Fox

Director, International Investor Engagement

Dan Bakal headshot

Dan Bakal

Director, Electric Power

David Bennell headshot

David Bennell

Director, Food and Capital Markets

Dawn Martin headshot

Dawn M. Martin

Chief Operating Officer

Eliza Roberts headshot

Eliza Roberts

Manager, Water

Jim Coburn headshot

Jim Coburn

Senior Manager, Disclosure

john weiss headshot

John Weiss

Director, Company Network

Julie Nash headshot

Julie Nash

Senior Manager, Food and Capital Markets

Karen Yacos headshot

Karen Yacos

Director, Water Infrastructure

Katina Tsongas headshot

Katina Tsongas

Senior Manager, Policy and BICEP Network

Kirsten James

Kirsten James

Director, California Policy and Partnerships

Max Messervy headshot

Max Messervy

Manager, Insurance

Mindy S. Lubber headshot

Mindy S. Lubber

Chief Executive Officer and President

Monika Freyman, CFA headshot

Monika Freyman, CFA

Director, Investor Engagement, Water

Natasha Scotnicki headshot

Natasha Scotnicki

Senior Director, Company Network

Nathalie Wallace, CFA headshot

Nathalie Wallace, CFA

Senior Manager, Investor Network

Ravi Varghese headshot

Ravi Varghese

Senior Associate, Food and Capital Markets

Rob Berridge

Rob Berridge

Director, Shareholder Engagement

Ryan Martel headshot

Ryan Martel

Senior Manager, Federal Policy

Shanna Cleveland headshot

Shanna Cleveland

Director, Carbon Asset Risk

Siobhan Collins headshot

Siobhan Collins

Manager, Water

Sue Reid headshot

Sue Reid

Vice President, Climate and Energy

Veena Ramani headshot

Veena Ramani

Program Director, Capital Markets Systems