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Ceres actively seeks to engage interns in our work. We have a number of exciting projects going at any one time and find the logistical, research, analysis, and writing support of interns to be of great value. We also hope working here inspires the next generation of professionals to "accelerate and expand the adoption of sustainability business practices and solutions to build a healthy global economy." Ceres hires a combination of undergraduate and graduate students, and that is often dictated by the projects we are managing.

Ceres’ interns support Program, Communications, and Development staff working with a wide variety of constituents within the Ceres network: environmental activists, investors, funders, and corporations. While providing some administrative support, interns will primarily work in one of the following areas using skills in research, project coordination, IT and communications.

We are currently accepting applications for the fall semester.

Each fall internship position requires 10 to 15 hours of work per week. Schedules can be flexible to fit with class and/or work schedules. Ceres compensates interns at a rate of $12.00 hour. Our Fall Internship Program runs from September 2015 through mid-December 2015.

Below you will find a more detailed description of each program team that is seeking a fall intern. Please read details of each position and clearly specify which you are applying for when submitting your materials.

We typically hire 8-10 interns, who are a mix of undergraduate and graduate students.

Available internships for the fall 2015 semester:


The Corporate Program works with the 65+ members of the Ceres Company Network to help them develop sustainable business strategies that address key challenges like climate change. Ceres focuses its engagement around four areas, which are laid out in The 21st Century Corporation: The Ceres Roadmap for Sustainability; corporate governance, stakeholder engagement, disclosure, and sustainability performance, which includes topics such as supply chains, operations and products. The Corporate Program hopes to hire an intern who will support our corporate engagement work through:

  • Researching and analyzing the sustainability performance of a company and/or sector against the expectations laid forth in The Ceres Roadmap, using publicly available disclosure (primarily corporate sustainability reports)
  • Providing research support for ad hoc projects on key topics such as executive compensation, sustainable supply chains, and stakeholder engagement
  • Researching, compiling and presenting industry trends and leading practices

We are looking for candidates with solid research skills, an ability to work independently, and some familiarity with how environmental and social sustainability issues apply to businesses. Graduate students preferred, but all will be considered.


The Development Intern will work closely with a number of staff in the ongoing work of Ceres' development office. This is an excellent opportunity for a highly organized and motivated individual to gain hands-on experience and specific training in many aspects of nonprofit development including prospect research, database, online communications and special events. Projects will likely include researching foundation and individual supporters, database contact record updates, writing and proofing, online communications support, peer benchmarking, research and more. The intern will gain experience with many types of fundraising, including foundation, corporate, annual fund and major donor work. Strong organizational skills and ability to work independently will be important, as well as excellent research skills. Database experience is not required, but highly desired.

Electric power intern

The Electric Power Program at Ceres seeks to encourage electric utilities to adopt modern 21st century sustainable practices and technologies, which will result in a future of more renewable electric generation and less carbon based electric generation.   The Electric Power Program is seeking an intern for the Fall 2015 period to assist the Program in the completion and release of the 2nd publication of our Benchmarking Utility Clean Energy Report, and other relevant research tasks.  The Report seeks to benchmark the largest electric utility holding companies in the US on their deployment of clean energy.   The benchmarking effort will assist utilities, shareholders, regulators and customers in understanding the utilization of clean energy by the largest electric utilities in the U.S. and assisting the utilities in making sustainable energy decisions for their customers.  We are seeking an undergraduate or graduate student with interest in the area of energy and who has excellent research, writing, Excel and database skills.


Ceres' Investor Program is looking for an enthusiastic, sustainability-focused intern to work with our team tracking the progress of global stock exchanges on various sustainability metrics. The intern will be in charge of identifying and drafting content for our monthly IISE Newsletter, doing research on specific exchanges to prepare investors for meetings with them and to develop a matrix of progress on the exchanges, and writing draft blogs on related topics to the IISE initiative.  Experience in Excel, communications, writing, journalism, research, or environmental subjects would be most useful for this position.  This intern will be interacting with exchanges directly, interviewing exchange representatives for research memos, and working with our own investor members on sustainability matters. The ideal candidate will be highly interested in sustainability topics and have a major in one or more of the following areas: communications/sustainability/financial markets/research and/or experience in the area of sustainability, communications, or capital markets.


The Policy Program at Ceres works with companies through Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP) and investors in our Investor Network on Climate Risk to advance climate and energy policies on the state and federal levels.  The Policy Program is looking for an intern to assist in its work with companies and investors on energy and climate policies. This position will support the Policy Team primarily through research and writing projects focused on key federal and state policies and social media engagement.  We are looking for candidates with solid research skills, strong writing skills, an ability to work independently, and some familiarity with environmental and social sustainability policies.

Transportation, Oil & gas intern

This intern will work with both the Transportation and the Oil & Gas Program at Ceres.

A clean and efficient transportation system is critical to a strong economy; its benefits include saving consumers and businesses money as well as reducing our dependence on oil. Transportation is a significant contributor to carbon emissions; it accounts for 28% of US GHG emissions (more emissions than any other nation's entire economy with the exception of China), and its emissions are growing faster than any other sector.  In order to adequately reduce emissions associated with the sector, we need to focus on three components: vehicles, fuels and infrastructure. In the next year, Ceres Transportation Program's primary focus will be on promoting clean fuels and vehicles and relevant policies.

Fall 2015 projects will include advocating for Low Carbon Fuel Standards, analysis of the economic impacts of strong fuel economy standards, and promoting advanced technology vehicles. This intern will be asked to perform research on various transportation issues, draft educational materials and perform some administrative tasks. Link to Ceres' transportation project: Graduate students preferred, but all will be considered.


Ceres is working with companies, investors, water providers, policymakers, environmental organizations and other stakeholders to improve water management and increase reporting on water issues that pose risks to businesses, communities and the environment. We are seeking an intern to help us advance our work on analyzing and addressing water risks related to the food/beverage/agriculture, oil & gas and water utility sectors. While providing some administrative support, interns will primarily work in one of the following areas using skills in research, quantitative analysis and writing:

  • Researching corporations and their water impacts and water stewardship practices
  • Supporting research on operational water management practices and policy drivers for certain business sectors including shale gas and US agriculture, as well as water infrastructure
  • Possibly, competitive assessment of Ceres’ water program vis-a-vis other organizations


The Insurance Program at Ceres works with (re) insurance companies and (re) insurance regulators within the broader context of climate and clean energy, focused on issues such as risk management in the face of climate change, sustainable investment strategies, and how regulation can aid in ensuring future insurance availability and affordability.

For the fall of 2015, the Insurance Program is looking for an intern to provide support in the following areas:

  • Support and track engagement with insurance companies, investors and regulators
  • Prepare background research on insurance companies’ climate risk management activities
  • Prepare materials for presentations and company engagements
  • Provide research support for ad hoc projects on key topics such as insurance companies’ public statements on climate change

Applicants should be comfortable with qualitative and quantitative research, and be very familiar with Microsoft Office Suite. Bloomberg terminal research experience preferred. Graduate students preferred, but all will be considered.

How to Apply for an Internship

  • Review each program internship opportunity carefully and apply for the one you feel best fit
  • Send a resume, cover letter, and two (2) brief writing samples to
  • Please identify which program position and which term you are applying for in the subject line of your email (i.e. Water Program- Spring Intern)
  • Ceres is an equal opportunity employer and seeks qualified applicants without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.

Address all correspondence to:

Ceres – Intern (please indicate which semester you are applying for: Spring, Summer, or Fall)
99 Chauncy St., 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

Internship Schedule

Spring Semester

Each December through early January, Ceres searches for individuals to intern in our office, from mid-January through mid-May. Again, these interns will work between 10-15 hours a week. The pay rate is $12.00 an hour. During this time, we also hire about 6-8 individuals.

Summer Intern Program

Each February, Ceres advertises for our summer program. During March we conduct interviews and make placements. Our Summer Intern Program is held during the months of June and July, and runs for an 8-week period. The work hours are Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm. We pay a stipend of $3500 for the eight weeks and provide a pass on the MBTA systems for June and July. We typically hire 8-10 interns, who are a mix of undergraduate and graduate students.

Fall Semester

Each fall internship position requires 10 to 15 hours of work per week. Schedules can be flexible to fit with class and/or work schedules. Ceres compensates interns at a rate of $12.00 hour. Our Fall Internship Program runs from September 2015 through mid-December 2015.

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