Companies will foster a diverse, inclusive and engaged work environment that holds sustainability considerations as a core part of recruitment, training and benefits.



Companies will incorporate sustainability criteria into recruitment protocols for all new hires.


Training & Development

Companies will develop and implement formal and job-specific training on key sustainability issues for all executives and employees and facilitate coaching, mentoring and networks for sustainability knowledge sharing.



Companies will build a diverse and inclusive board and workforce. Companies will provide formal diversity training, employee resource groups and advancement opportunities, and will identify a senior executive or executive committee with formal responsibility for diversity and inclusion.


Sustainable Lifestyles

>Companies will promote sustainable lifestyle choices across their community of employees through education and innovative employee benefit options.

A loyal, productive and committed workforce is an essential resource for any company, perhaps its most valuable asset. Increasingly, employees are putting a premium on working for companies they believe are having a positive impact in the world.

This commitment is measured in part by how deeply embedded sustainability is within the company’s culture—from hiring decisions, to employee training and social and environmental performance. They want to know if sustainability is a core corporate value widely shared and expressed throughout the company and in its operations.

A diverse, inclusive and engaging work environment aligned with corporate sustainability values creates opportunity for innovation to thrive, making companies more competitive in an age where managing environmental and social risks and opportunities is key to long-term success.