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Stakeholder Engagement

Case studies on stakeholder engagement

LubberSteyerRubin.jpgStrategic Engagement

Stakeholder feedback, criticism and even praise help companies understand their social and environmental impacts and sustainability risks, and spur creative thinking about solutions to sustainability challenges. Learn how leading companies are using stakeholder engagement to inform business strategy and decision-making, enhance their social license to operate and improve their overall corporate performance. Read more...


Ford Grill

The Evolution of Engagement

Ford Motor Company has worked closely with Ceres since 2000 to not only disclose and improve its sustainability performance, but to embed sustainability expectations across its business model.  Before working with Ceres, Ford’s relationships with external stakeholders were often adversarial. Ceres helped Ford to shift that perspective by bringing it together with investors, issue experts and environmental and social advocates for constructive dialogues. Read more...


Management Accountability Photo

Setting Priorities

EMC's Chief Sustainability Officer, Kathrin Winkler, describes the how the company strategically engages with stakeholders and uses the Ceres Roadmap to guide priority and goal setting. Watch the video...


StockExchanges.jpgHow to Engage Investors

Investor concerns extend to whether and how companies address sustainability issues, including sustainability goals and strategies. Increasingly, leading investors representing trillions of dollars in assets are evaluating companies on their ability to manage sustainability risks and their strategies for leveraging related business opportunities. Learn how leading companies are proactively engaging with investors on sustainability risks and opportunities.  Read more...


Paper showing investors and graph.

Investor Expectations

Not only companies are using the Ceres Roadmap as a guide for embedding sustainability into decision-making, investors are also using the Roadmap to engage with the companies they own. Hear from some of the world's leading investors as they talk about the Ceres Roadmap and their expectations for sustainable business performance. Watch the video...

Stakeholders sitting around a table.The Ceres Stakeholder Engagement Model

For 25 years Ceres has been bringing the investor, business and NGO communities together in constructive dialogue to advance improved corporate sustainability performance. Drawing primarily upon the depth and expertise of the Ceres coalition, the Ceres stakeholder engagement model features diverse teams of credible, external stakeholders that provide ongoing input to a company on policy, strategy, performance and disclosure.  Read more...