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Governance for Sustainability


Board Oversight for Sustainability

Boards are beginning to understand that to ensure long-term competitiveness it is necessary to understand the sustainability challenges before them, to set corporate sustainability policy and be accountable for its implementation. Learn how leading companies are implementing oversight for sustainability at the board level. Read more...


Pillars of NYSE building.

Board Member Selection

Leading companies such as Prudential Financial are including sustainability expertise as a core criterion for board member selection. Prudential’s Mary O'Malley, VP of Environment Sustainability, talks about the progress that Prudential is making on sustainable governance. Watch the video...

Management Accountability Photo

Establishing Management Accountability

Management accountability is essential for any company seeking to become a sustainable enterprise and it must start at the top. Learn how C-suite executives from leading companies are viewing sustainability as a core business issue. Read more...


Two people shaking hands. Linking Employee Compensation with Sustainability

By tying executive compensation to sustainability metrics—to greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets and energy efficiency goals, for example—companies can boost both financial and sustainability performance. Learn how leading companies are striving to do just that. Read more...


Climate ChangeSetting Policy on Biodiversity

Biodiversity is an increasingly important lens for analyzing the impacts companies in certain sectors are having on ecosystems, especially as the ramifications of climate change increase and the growing global population demands more energy, food, water and consumer products. Setting policy to protect biodiversity demonstrates an understanding between social, environmental and economic issues. Read more...


Texas Drought (boots)

Walk the Talk: Taking Action on Climate Policy

A recent survey by the United Nations Global Compact found that, while 60 percent of the 1,700 companies surveyed publicly advocate for action on climate goals, only 30 percent align their government affairs activities, such as lobbying, with their own stated goals to reduce GHG emissions. Learn more about what companies can do to actively engage on climate policy. Read more...


Winning the Wind Energy Battle

When Congress avoided the fiscal cliff and passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act in January 2013, they decided to include a one-year extension of the Production Tax Credit (PTC). Garnering support for the PTC, which provides a vital tax benefit to qualifying wind energy projects, was a long road and its success is due in large part to leadership of the business community.  Learn more about how Sprint CEO, Dan Hesse, engaged the U.S. Department of Energy to argue the demand-side business case for extending the PTC. Read more….