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Performance: Supply Chain

Case studies on sustainability in supply chains

Climate Change

Digging Into Sustainable Agriculture

The Food & Beverage industry is grappling with key challenges related to sustainable agriculture sourcing. Ceres and Sustainalytics further examined how companies in this sector are addressing the impacts of their agricultural supply chains.  Read more about the findings and recommendations.

Cambodian Factory

Hidden in Plain Sight

Forced labor and human trafficking—our modern-day slavery—occur at a horrifying scale, with estimated numbers affecting between 21 to 27 million people worldwide. We examined how the 613 companies address the issues of forced labor and child labor in their supplier codes of conduct and human rights policies.  Read more about the findings and recommendations.


Supply Chain

Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

In the modern economy, supply chains stretch across the globe, creating both efficiencies and risks. Levi Strauss & Co. is pioneering a new blueprint for supply chain management geared at improving worker well-being.  Read more...

Vehicles for Disclosure PhotoInvestors Call for Transparency in Supply Chains

Increasingly investors are calling for increased transparency within the supply chain and companies are beginning to ask suppliers to produce their own sustainability reports.  Long-term investors like the New York City Public Pension Funds are filing shareholder resolutions, calling on companies to increase transparency in the supply chain. Read more...

SAQ Map ImageA New Tool for Strengthening Supplier Reporting and Engagement

Building resilient supply chains is essential in an era when increasing extreme weather events around the world are frequently disrupting commerce, and human rights concerns can damage even the glossiest reputation, yet it is difficult for a company to understand how each of its suppliers is performing on key environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics.  To catalyze better supply chain practices, Ceres launched a new tool for companies, the Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ): Building the Foundation for Sustainable Supply Chains.  Read more...

Clothing FactoryBuilding Worker Well-being: Levi Strauss in Cambodia

Andrea Moffat describes her experiences in Cambodia engaging with suppliers, local NGOs and brands on the implementation of Levi Strauss & Co.'s Improving Worker Well-Being initiative in this two-part blog series. Read more...