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Performance: Employees

Case studies on employee engagement

Two people shaking hands.Recruitment and Retention

GE is finding sustainability to be a significant draw for the best and brightest employees.  GE’s senior vice president and Chief Marketing Officer, Beth Comstock, cites the company’s Ecomagination and Healthymagination programs for helping to make GE an “unmatched magnet for talent."14

Electric Vehicle ChargingPromoting Sustainable Lifestyles

Where information alone does not promote action, incentives can fill the gap. Companies should look at innovative ways to encourage people to act in ways that promote sustainability. Companies, for example, might offer socially responsible investment options on 401(k) plans, or pay for services that help improve home energy efficiency.  For example, Bank of America offers employees incentives to encourage sustainable purchasing decisions.  The company reports that, in 2011, it reimbursed 870 employees $3,000 each for their purchases of hybrid vehicles.

Stakeholders sitting around a table.Providing Training and Support

Campbell Soup is pushing to achieve 100 percent employee engagement in CSR and sustainability issues by 2020. The company requires that every employee have a “CSRoriented goal” in their annual performance objectives. Campbell measures progress annually and in 2010 the company had an employee engagement ratio of 23:1 (engaged to disengaged employees). This level of company-wide engagement encourages employees to take sustainability goals seriously, fostering innovation.