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Governance for Sustainability

Capitol Dome Walk the Talk

No company will be immune to climate change impacts or the public policies created to address them.  Learn how companies can take the critical step of aligning public policy advocacy with corporate sustainability objectives and goals. Read more.



Board RoomStrategies for Effective Board Engagement

There are specific, actionable recommendations that can help corporate boards oversee the production of tangible environmental and social impacts for their companies. Learn more.

Pillars of NYSE building.


Prudential's Board of Directors and Sustainability

Prudential’s Mary O'Malley, VP of Environment Sustainability, talks about the progress that Prudential is making on sustainable governance. Watch the video...


Two people shaking hands. Linking Employee Compensation with Sustainability at Intel

Suzanne Fallender, Director of CSR Strategy and Communications at Intel, talks about the importance of tying employee and executive compensation to specific environmental performance goals as a way to engage employees on sustainability issues. Watch the video...



Winning the Wind Energy Battle

When Congress avoided the fiscal cliff and passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act on January 2, they decided to include a one-year extension of the Production Tax Credit (PTC). Garnering support for the PTC, which provides a vital tax benefit to qualifying wind energy projects, was a long road and its success is due in large part to leadership of the business community.  Learn more about how Sprint CEO, Dan Hesse, engaged the U.S. Department of Energy to argue the demand-side business case for extending the PTC. Read more….