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Case studies on sustainability disclosure

Stack of reports.The Evolution of Disclosure

As investor and stakeholder interest in sustainability performance increases, the tools for measuring and disclosing sustainability performance are becoming more sophisticated. Read more.

Management Accountability PhotoTrends in Sustainability Disclosure

Dr. Nelmara Arbex, Deputy Chief Officer at GRI, discusses the changing landscape of sustainability disclosure - including the increased demand for sustainability performance data and real time information.

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Climate ChangeDisclosing the Physical Risks of Climate Change

Increasingly, extreme weather events exacerbated by a changing climate are having negative impacts on businesses. Last year’s spate of extreme weather saw losses of $119 billion in the U.S. alone, fueled in large part by Super Storm Sandy.  Hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme heat waves, wild fires, floods and droughts are affecting the bottom lines of businesses in a range of sectors from apparel companies to insurers. Read More...


Pillars of NYSE building.Integrated Reporting

A small but growing number of global companies, including Novo Nordisk and Puma, have begun using their Sustainability Reports to make the business case for their environmental investments and efforts. These attempts to both quantify and integrate sustainability investments with business impacts are especially important given the growth of integrated reporting.  Read more...