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P5.2: Training and Support


Companies will develop and implement formal training on key sustainability issues for all executives and employees, and facilitate coaching, mentoring and networks for sustainability knowledge sharing.

Engaging employees in a corporate sustainability mission is essential for success, but employees are often an under-utilized resource in a company’s development and implementation of sustainability programs and strategies. Educating and inspiring employees to look for ways to improve operations, and providing them the tools and opportunities to communicate their observations and ideas to management, is a first step that all companies should take. Training for sustainability, from needs analysis to goals and strategies, should be undertaken just as they are for other aspects of an employee’s job. In short, sustainability shouldn’t be ancillary to employee training, but an integral part of it.

For this expectation we evaluated all 613 companies and their efforts to develop and implement engagement programs and formal training on key sustainability topics for executives and employees, as well as how those programs are implemented and how far they extend.

Key Findings

  • Forty percent (248 companies) engage employees on sustainability issues, up from 30 percent in 2012.
  • Only six percent (37 companies) are in Tier 1 for systematically embedding sustainability in company-wide employee engagement, including executive-level involvement.For example, General Electric is using its Human Resource department to integrate sustainability into the company’s culture—from hiring practices to job education and training to employee well-being programs.

To read the full analysis, key findings and sector insights from Gaining Ground, click here.


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