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D5: Product Transparency

Companies will provide verified and standardized sustainability performance information about their products at point of sale and through other publicly available channels.
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Check out the Roadmap in Action section for examples of how companies are implementing the Disclosure expectations of the Ceres Roadmap.
Companies can foster sustainable consumer behavior by disclosing key social and environmental indicators for their products. Boosting such awareness can help create a competitive advantage as consumers start to look for this type of information when purchasing products. Companies should also support efforts to standardize labeling within and across sectors to enable credible, understandable information sharing between companies and consumers.


In The Road to 2020: Corporate Progress on The Ceres Roadmap For Sustainability, we evaluated 600 of the largest U.S. companies on their progress towards meeting the expectations laid forth in the Ceres Roadmap for Sustainability.

For this first report it was not possible to capture all of the data required to fully assess all of The Ceres Roadmap expectations.  For some Ceres Roadmap expectations, companies are not yet disclosing the information needed to assess their progress and in other cases, we did not have access to the type of data needed to adequately assess corporate progress.

We will be looking at additional indicators in the future to capture the meaning of the expectations more completely and will develop new indicators to capture data as it is more readily disclosed by companies.