• August 31, 2012

The Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ): Building the Foundation for Sustainable Supply Chains will be useful for all companies seeking to strengthen their supply chain engagement, though it was designed with the industrial goods sector in mind, as well as those that are just beginning to address sustainability issues in their supply chains. Drawing on leading practices in the field, and addressing environmental, social, and governance issues, the SAQ is a “conversation starter” for companies to use with their suppliers as they begin to assess the sustainability risks in their supply chains. The goal is to help companies be more competitive and build resiliency in their supply chains by identifying, assessing, managing and disclosing supply chain sustainability risks.

The SAQ is part of a broader strategy to raise the bar of supply chain sustainability performance across the global economy. Traditionally, supply chain management has focused on whether a particular supplier facility is complying with certain minimum standards or codes of conduct related to treatment of workers or environmental impacts.