• March 7, 2017

The SEC Sustainability Disclosure Search helps you understand how companies are tackling material risks and opportunities they face from sustainability issues like climate change, carbon asset risk, water availability and quality, and hydraulic fracturing. Which companies address these issues in regular communications with shareholders? How much—and what—do they say? Has their disclosure changed over time?


The tool scours the text of SEC annual filings (10-Ks, 20-Fs and 40-Fs) and automatically identifies relevant disclosure. It categorizes the information, identifies where in the filing disclosure occurs, and delivers this, along with the excerpted disclosure, in an easily digestible report.

Review disclosures by company, industry group or year. View disclosures specifically addressing climate change risks, carbon asset risks or other issues. Compare one company to another.


Institutional investors increasingly recognize the value of corporate environmental, social and governance reporting in mainstream financial filings. These investors support improved ESG risk reporting in SEC filings because of the need for consistent, comparable information on material risks and opportunities that their portfolio companies face. Investors use this information to engage directly with companies on the quality of their responses to sustainability concerns. Companies, analysts, the public and academics can use the information to understand the significant risks and opportunities posed by these issues, by examining the tool’s disclosure reports and comparing them with the voluntary disclosures companies provide through channels such as corporate sustainability reports and websites.


  1. Click “login” then “registration form” to register for a free account.
  2. Under “Choose an issue”, select climate change, water risk, carbon asset risk or hydraulic fracturing.
  3. Select topics, or select filters such as industry group, stock index or company name. (optional)
  4. Click “View Report”.
  5. Customize the report—if needed—and save or print.