• March 2, 2016

The race toward a sustainable future is on—and the competition is fierce.

Since the release of the Ceres Roadmap for Sustainability in 2010, there’s been a dramatic shift in the economic, environmental, social and political landscape. As we better understand the urgent action required to address environmental and social risks, it’s becoming increasingly clear that corporate leaders need to integrate sustainability into core business systems and decision-making, and to capture the competitive advantage that sustainable business offers.

The Ceres Roadmap presents 20 expectations in the areas of governancestakeholder engagementdisclosure, and performance that companies should seek to meet by 2020 in order to transform into truly sustainable enterprises. As we pass the halfway point on the road to 2020, it is an important time to take stock of our changing world and refresh the Ceres Roadmap expectations themselves to reflect global sustainability trends.

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