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It’s All About the Money in Copenhagen

Mindy Lubber of Ceres blogs about the key question being asked in the Danish capital: How on earth do you build and finance a robust and credible global carbon market?
by Mindy S. LubberGreenBiz.com Posted on Dec 16, 2009

It's all about the money these last days in the Danish capital and one key question is being asked: How on earth do you build and finance a robust and credible global carbon market? On buses, in hallways, in long lines outside the Bella Center, participants are all talking about the explosion in financing and carbon trading that is needed to dramatically reduce the pollution causing climate change.

The "financing" part is easy to understand: We need more spending on carbon-reducing activities, a lot more spending. Significantly more public and private financing is needed to deploy energy-saving, low-carbon technologies on the global scale needed. And 85 to 90 percent of that financing will need to be from private sources such as investment banks, public pension funds and other global investors who control many trillions of dollars.

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Meet the Expert

Cynthia McHale

Cynthia McHale is the Director of Ceres Insurance Program. She brings over twenty years of sector expertise working with many of the leading North American and European insurers, re-insurers and industry brokers. In her current role, Cynthia is leading a campaign to promote the insurance industry’s understanding and leadership on climate risks and opportunities. As risk managers, risk carriers and major institutional investors, insurers have a vital interest, and play an important role in fostering society’s response to global warming. Stronger insurance industry leadership on climate change issues will strengthen and accelerate our nation’s transition to a clean energy future while helping to build a resilient and sustainable society.

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