Water makes life possible and is essential for economies to function. But, in many parts of the United States and around the globe, freshwater resources are in jeopardy due to growing demand, pollution and climate change. These pressures create profound risks for businesses and communities.

Ceres builds investor and business leadership to protect freshwater supplies around the globe, integrating capital market solutions into everything we do.  We seek  turn smart water management into a business fundamental and water stewardship into an economic imperative.

To drive broader, more systemic change, we help institutional investors to engage directly with companies on their water risks and to invest in companies with strong water management practices. We conduct research to address the gaps in institutional investor awareness of water risks, and share leading water risk analysis practices to drive deeper integration of water into the investment decision-making process.

Ceres works with with some of the biggest companies in the world to improve their water stewardship. We focus especially on sectors with enormous responsibility for protecting our nation’s water security— food and agriculture sector, which uses 70 percent of freshwater globally, and water utilities, many of which struggle to deliver safe, affordable drinking water in ways that reduce pressures on ecosystems and sustain fiscal health. We also work with investors and oil and gas companies to better disclose and address the risks of hydraulic fracturing to our groundwater supplies.

We also take a public policy approach, working across the aisle to develop policy and financial incentives to achieve resilient and sustainable water supplies in California through the business-led Ceres Connect the Drops campaign.

The bottom line is, companies, utilities and investors must protect our water supplies by adopting business and investment practices that value every drop and protect water supplies for generations to come.  


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We work with investors and companies to tackle the world’s most pressing sustainability issues by creating economic solutions that protect our economy and our planet.