From mainstream asset managers and public pension funds, to religious investors and socially responsible investment and boutique asset managers, the Ceres Investor Leadership Program connects investors with one another and with other investor leaders around the globe to drive sustainable investment leadership and action through every level of the capital markets and government.

Since our founding, investors have worked with Ceres to understand and manage emerging environmental, social and governance risks, seize opportunities embedded in the clean energy economy, and demonstrate leadership in advancing sustainable investment and financing. 

Our team of experts lead constructive corporate engagements, offer thought-leadership reports and analyses, and strategies to bridge important investment challenges as climate change, water scarcity risks and other sustainability issues become more material. Elevating investors’ attention to these emerging risks – and the opportunities they create – is pivotal to our mission of transforming the economy to achieve a sustainable future for people and the planet. 

At the core of our work with investors is the Ceres Investor Network on Climate Risk and Sustainability. Launched in 2003, the network comprises more than 130 institutional investors, collectively managing about $15 trillion in assets, focused on a wide variety of climate and sustainability issues, including water and carbon asset risks, deforestation and human rights. Within the Ceres Investor Network, there are seven working groups that help investors further develop expertise and access resources within key sectors, such as oil and gas and electric power.

Ceres Investor Network members also engage directly with companies to improve corporate strategies on environmental, social and governance issues. From reducing greenhouse gas emissions to protecting forests and natural resources, investor members pressure companies to address these issues throughout their operations and supply chains.  

In addition, Ceres holds annual Ceres Conferences and biannual Ceres Investor Summits that bring together the world’s leading investors and stakeholders to discuss investment topics of mutual interest and for networking and shared learning. 

Ceres also collaborates with the Global Investor Coalition on Climate Change to provide a global platform for investors and governments on international policies, investment practices and engagement to accelerate a clean energy global economy.

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