The Ceres Corporate Leadership Program works with more than 100 companies, many of them Fortune 500 firms, to build sustainability leadership and drive action and solutions to advance an equitable, sustainable global economy and planet.

The race is on to build a sustainable global economy, and competition among companies to thrive in this new business paradigm is fierce. The scientific and economic realities facing corporations today are shifting—from operational and supply chain risks due to a changing climate and an increasingly resource-constrained world with a growing population, to the spotlight on working conditions in factories and fields. Finding solutions to shifting business challenges requires collaboration, innovation and transformation. 
Our team of sustainability experts bring credibility, expertise, and a depth of experience in building this leadership and driving action and solutions.  With a distinguished track record of helping companies seize key opportunities and tackle risks embedded in the clean energy economy, the Ceres Corporate Leadership Program works with companies to ensure sustainable solutions are integrated into everyday business strategies and decision-making. 

The Ceres Company Network comprises Fortune 500 firms and other major companies setting the highest bar for sustainability leadership, committing to robust sustainability goals, and improving resiliency in their operations and supply chains. By leveraging Ceres’ unique access to investors, companies and other advocacy organizations, Company Network members realize a competitive advantage by integrating stronger environmental, social and governance practices into their core business strategies.

Companies can also demonstrate leadership and action on policy through the Ceres Policy Network (BICEP). It comprises influential companies advocating for stronger climate and clean energy policies at the state and federal level in the U.S. As powerful champions of the accelerated transition to a low-carbon economy, Ceres Policy Network members have weighed in when it has mattered most. 

And in California, leading companies are “connecting the drops” between sustainable water supplies and the economic health of the drought-stricken state. The Ceres Connect the Drops campaign showcases the strong leadership of California companies and policymakers to advance resilient water solutions that ensure sustainable management of the state’s stressed, and often unpredictable water supplies. 

Transforming the economy to build a more sustainable future will not only protect people and the planet, but it will improve companies’ bottom lines, spark innovation, and boost the economy.