Climate change is the world’s biggest sustainability challenge of our time, threatening everything from our economic systems to our political security to our very livelihood on Earth. But climate change also presents investors and companies with opportunities to lead. Solutions that promote clean energy and climate change resilience will help build a low-carbon economy while protecting our planet for current and future generations.

Ceres mobilizes the most influential investors and companies in tackling climate change as a sustainability issue that must be addressed at every level of business and investment planning and operations. We work with investors and companies to ramp up global sustainable investments in clean energy and sustainable food and water systems. Our investor network members also advocate for robust climate disclosure in financial filings and engage directly with companies to improve sustainability performance. This work is done across key sectors affected the most by climate change, including electric power, oil and gas, transportation, insurance and agriculture.

We work with members of the Ceres Investor Network to help them better assess and mitigate climate risk in their investment portfolios. Members engage directly with companies to reduce climate-related risks, improve transparency and disclosure, reduce  greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful pollutants, improve water stewardship and invest in sustainable solutions. By investing more in clean energy and sustainable infrastructure, investors can help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. Learn more about our efforts to spur investments in a clean energy future with the Ceres Clean Trillion campaign.

Using the Ceres Roadmap for Sustainability, we work with Ceres Company Network members to reduce their own climate impacts. We challenge company members to set aggressive goals to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, increase renewable energy use and energy productivity, decrease water use and pollution, and improve governance structures and disclosure standards for long-term success.

We also mobilize companies and investors to engage with policymakers on the state and federal levels to promote initiatives that support action on climate change. From the Clean Power Plan and federal fuel efficiency standards,  to renewable portfolio standards in states like Ohio and water stewardship policies in California, we mobilize our powerful networks of investors and companies to stand up for policies that mitigate environmental damage and grow our economy. Learn more about our policy work.

One of the signature achievements of our work on climate change is the successful business and investors mobilization that helped spur adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement - a global agreement to curb global warming pollution to limit temperature rise to well under 2-degrees Celsius. Ceres helped make the business case that this colossal challenge needed a global solution, and our investor and company members publicly voiced their support for the agreement.

The bottom line is, investors and companies must do everything they can to reduce climate-related impacts and preserve our precious natural resources because a strong economy needs a healthy planet. The global transition to a new clean energy economy is inevitable, irreversible and unstoppable


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We work with investors and companies to tackle the world’s biggest sustainability challenges by creating economic solutions that protect our economy and our planet.