The Ceres Capital Market Systems program works with investors, companies and key influencers, such as corporate directors, stock exchanges and securities regulators, to scale up sustainability integration across all aspects of the economy.  The program focuses on opportunities to achieve robust corporate disclosure and thoughtful decision-making that capitalizes on sustainability opportunities and tackles risks, leading to the long-term viability of investors, companies and the broader economy. 

The Ceres Capital Market Systems program works to scale up sustainability integration across all aspects of the economy in three critical ways.

Key capital market influencers such as financial regulators, including the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and global stock exchanges, should issue requirements for stronger corporate disclosure on material sustainability issues. This key first step will ensure that investors and other stakeholders are appropriately informed to make decisions.

The second step is to change investor practices so that, first, substantially more of their capital shifts towards low-carbon, sustainable investments and, second, companies are amply rewarded for making the right choices on sustainability. To accomplish this, investors must pressure companies to achieve stronger disclosure and action on key sustainability issues. Investors must also  improve their own internal systems to better integrate sustainability into their decision-making.

Company action on sustainability is the third key step in protecting people and the planet. And it begins at the top, with sound board oversight on environmental and social issues that is also supported by strong management systems. Integrating sustainability—from the boardroom to the factory floor to global supply chains—is the only way to achieve bottom line results and high performance.