The Ceres Connect the Drops campaign showcases the strong leadership of California companies and policymakers to advance resilient water solutions that ensure sustainable management of the state’s stressed, and often unpredictable water supplies.

Why join?

Companies who join Ceres Connect the Drops have a unique opportunity to add their voice to a growing list of influential companies who are demonstrating strong leadership and action on water stewardship and “connecting the drops” between sustainable water supplies and the economic health of California. 


Collaboration with a cross-sector group of leading companies and policymakers to shape the future of California’s water landscape. 
Access to cutting-edge Ceres analysis and reports on California water and policy issues and best practices in corporate water stewardship. 
Heightened visibility of corporate water stewardship leadership through traditional and social and digital media. 
Messaging and marketing resources that can help engage employees and customers.


Companies must have more than $100 million in annual revenues to participate in the Ceres Connect the Drops campaign and must add their name and logos to the Ceres Connect the Drops declaration.

In addition, companies must commit to three or more of the following:

  • Engaging with policymakers and water authorities through written letters and in-person meetings.
  • Telling their company’s water stewardship story through traditional media, such as blog or op-ed, and social media.
  • Demonstrating new water stewardship commitments.
  • Engaging with customers and employees on California’s water challenges and encouraging them to take individual actions to conserve water.
  • Spreading campaign messages through social and digital media communications.
  • Recruiting other businesses in their industry, supply chain or networks to join the campaign.
  • Enlisting C-level executives in communicating their company’s participation in the campaign.

How to join?

For more information about Ceres Connect the Drops or how to join, contact Kirsten James, Director of California Policy and Partnerships at Ceres: email: or phone: 617-247-0700 ext: 185.