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Southern Company, TXU Agree To Report To Shareholders On Preparedness For Greenhouse Gas Limits; Reliant Energy To Expand 10k Disclosure On Issue
Jan 27, 2011
In response to shareholder requests for disclosure on how companies are planning for potential constraints on carbon dioxide and other emissions, electric power giant Southern Company and power company TXU have agreed to report publicly on how they are planning for those scenarios, while Houston-based power provider Reliant Energy has agreed to take steps to improve measurement and disclosure of the financial impact of its emissions.
Global Warming Resolutions at U.S. Oil Companies Bring Policy Commitments from Leaders, and Record High Votes at Laggards
Jan 27, 2011
Faced with shareholder resolutions requesting reports on their preparedness for world constraints on carbon dioxide emissions, U.S. oil and gas companies have taken two distinct directions in response, with two companies making commitments to develop policies on carbon dioxide emissions and one company pledging to reduce emissions, while three more refused the requests and were hit with large percentages of shareholders voting against management on the resolutions last week.