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Forbes: Time to Replace Eisenhower-Era Power Plants
Jul 22, 2011
Most of us won’t put up with decades-old technology. Yet when it comes to our electricity, we’re stuck with last century’s dirty and inefficient power plants—even though cleaner and newer technologies are available. It’s time for our electric power industry to embrace the 21st century with modern, cleaner power generation.
Ceres Takes to the Airwaves with Message that Stronger Vehicle Standards will Fuel Investment, New Jobs
Jul 22, 2011
Ceres, a national coalition of leading institutional investors and environmental groups, launched an ad campaign today promoting the economic benefits of higher fuel efficiency standards, citing recent expert research and polling. The ad campaign, which begins with radio spots in Washington DC and Michigan, is in response to news that the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM) had launched a radio ad campaign claiming adverse economic impacts from strong CAFE standards.