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Related News

New Ceres Study: Mutual Funds Give Climate Change Proxy Resolutions A Cold Shoulder, Even As Pension Funds Warm Up To Them
Dec 07, 2004
December 7, 2004 - A mere two percent of the assets of the largest 100 mutual funds in America voted in 2004 to support shareholder resolutions calling for more corporate disclosure on the financial impacts from global warming, according to a new Ceres study authored by the Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC) and released today by Results for America, a project of the Civil Society Institute.
Cinergy Corp. Releases Climate Risk Report to Shareholders
Jan 27, 2011
As a result of a shareholder resolution filed with Cinergy Corp., the Ohio-based company today released a report analyzing the potential effects of climate change regulations on its operations. Because of Cinergy's reliance on coal to generate electricity at its nine Midwest power plants, shareholders are concerned that potential future policies restricting greenhouse gas emissions might put their investments at risk.