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Related News

Electric Power Companies, Investors, and Environmental Groups Join Forces to Call for Action on Climate Change
Jan 13, 2011
An unusual partnership of electric power companies, investors, and major environmental groups today released recommendations for the industry, government and Wall Street on the issue of global warming. Among the recommendations was a call for a mandatory national climate change program to limit greenhouse gas emissions. A national cap on emissions, the participants say, would create business certainty for electric companies and their investors, and would encourage investment in cleaner new technologies.
Strong Showing On Global Warming Resolution At TXU Is "Major Victory" For Religious Shareholder Activists
Jan 13, 2011
A global warming proxy resolution that attracted 24 percent of shareholder support today at TXU Corporation (NYSE: TXU) is a "major victory" for religious institutional investor members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), which is pressuring major U.S. utilities to take action on climate-change issues.