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Related News

Virgin America Joins Ceres’ Network of Companies
Jan 28, 2011
Virgin America, the new California-based airline aimed at reinventing air travel has been approved as a Ceres network company by the Ceres board of directors. The board cited the company’s founding commitment to being a sustainability leader in the airline industry. Virgin America is the second airline to join Ceres, a leading coalition of investors, environmental groups and public interest organizations working with companies to address sustainability challenges, and is among more than 70 companies in the Ceres network, including over 25 Fortune-500 companies
Ceres Report: Mutual Fund Industry Opposition to Climate Change Resolutions Begins to Thaw;
Jan 28, 2011
The mutual fund industry’s previously icy attitude toward climate change shareholder resolutions is beginning to thaw as Wall Street starts to recognize the financial risks and opportunities of global climate change, according to a new Ceres report announced today analyzing the voting records of 1,285 funds of 62 leading mutual fund firms.