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Related News

CFO Sink: Florida Treasury Joins Investor Network on Climate Risk
Apr 17, 2007
April 17, 2007 – Fresh off the heels of hosting the first in a series of “Conversations on Climate Change,” Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink announced today that as the state treasurer, she will join the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR), a national network of investors focused on the business impacts of climate change. CFO Sink is the first Florida-based institutional investor to join the three-year-old organization, which now includes more than 50 public and private institutional investors managing more than $3.7 trillion in assets that focus on the future financial risks and investment opportunities posed by climate change.
Shareholders Withdraw ConocoPhillips Climate Change Proposal
Jan 28, 2011
In response to today’s announcement by ConocoPhillips that it will support a mandatory federal policy to cap greenhouse gas emissions and take other measures to reduce its climate impact, Trillium Asset Management Corporation will withdraw a shareholder proposal encouraging the company to invest more in developing low- and zero-carbon technologies.