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Huffington Post: Shale Oil "Flaring" Is Dirty Secret of U.S. Oil Boom
Mar 30, 2012
Given the economic, energy and climate change challenges we face, you'd thick it wouldn't be necessary to write a column illustrating how it makes no sense to "flare" --literally burn up-- $110 million worth of perfectly good natural gas each year without even using it to power a single light bulb.
Major Investors Warn Energy Companies of Business Risks in Flaring Gas at Shale Oil Wells
Mar 29, 2012
With escalating shale oil production putting the US on track to become the world’s largest oil producer, investors are challenging an increasingly common industry practice – burning off or ‘flaring’ associated natural gas from shale oil wells – as environmentally damaging, economically wasteful and a threat to the industry’s bottom line.