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Related News

NPR: Rising Tides
Mar 19, 2012
Sharlene Leurig, senior manager of the Insurance Program at Ceres, spoke with Tom Ashbrook of NPR's "On Point" about a new report on rising sea levels and coastal flooding. The new report says rising seas driven by global warming are going to bite deeper, sooner than most people imagine. Hitting millions. Costing billions, trillions. Putting homes at risk, but also roads, bridges, military bases, farmland, schools, hospitals.
NBC Miami: Miami Has More Assets To Lose From Climate Change, Rising Seas Than Any Other City, New Study Says
Mar 15, 2012
An analysis by the non-partisan advocacy group, Climate Central says that human-caused climate change and rising sea levels are accelerating – and that Miami has more to lose in terms of assets than any city in the world. The study says that storm surges will reach much farther inland than they do now – not a far-off future risk, but perhaps during the life of the mortgage you hold now in Hollywood, for example, or Miami Shores.