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FMC Corporation Sustainability Report 2012

FMC conducts business in the global economy and 43% of its sales in 2010 came from developing economies. These countries may have little or no governmental controls over sales and uses of FMC products. This issue created negative attention when press stories alleged that FMC products were being intentionally misused to poison lions, birds and fish in Africa. FMC has not established objective systems to confirm or deny these allegations.
FMC’s business worldwide poses questions on its operational impact to human health, human rights, wildlife poisonings and environmental consequences. While Management states it is concerned about the communities in which FMC operates, it has never objectively documented that commitment to corporate social responsibility. For example, FMC products that are dangerous to human exposure may be used with little or no protective equipment by farm workers in some countries. FMC products have been misused causing the poisoning of bald eagles in North America, lions and vultures in Africa, golden eagles and red kites in Scotland, coyotes in the U.S., domestic pet dogs in New Jersey, Connecticut, Tennessee and raptors in New York, Ohio and Kentucky. Even FMC’s products when “properly” used still unintentionally killed birds, fish and other wildlife. FMC products can cause soil, water and groundwater contamination. FMC has avoided publicly addressing these issues. FMC should take responsibility for all uses of its products regardless of whether they are properly used or misused.
FMC should begin comprehensively benchmarking its corporate footprint to identify where it is succeeding/failing and what steps it needs to take to better protect the world’s people, wildlife and the environment. FMC’s Corporate Management can then set in place changes to better respect human rights, human health, animal species and the environment. While FMC has stated it will produce some form of Sustainability Report, it has failed to commit to the shareholders that this report will be more than a glossy marketing brochure only trumpeting accomplishments, but hiding problems that could lower profitability.
RESOLVED, the Shareholders request the Board:
• Prepare FMC’s “Sustainability Report” as soon as possible, but no later than October 1, 2012, and annually thereafter, at reasonable cost, excluding proprietary information, which establishes benchmark objective information and recommendations on FMC’s sustainability policies and performance.
• The report should include multiple objective statistical indicators identifying accomplishments, failures and objectives of FMC, covering all FMC operations worldwide including human rights, human health, wildlife and the environment.
• The report should provide the Company's definition of sustainability, as well as a company-wide review of FMC policies, practices, and indicators related to measuring long-term social and environmental sustainability.
• The report will be prepared by an independent third party organization with no financial or organizational ties to FMC which shall be given full access to all FMC data and it shall also gather relevant outside data. Stakeholder/shareholder involvement shall be sought and included throughout the report preparation process.
I, therefore, URGE all Shareholders to vote FOR this proposal.