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ExxonMobil Climate Change Strategic Planning

WHEREAS, on June 27, 2012
at the Council on Foreign Relations our CEO Rex Tillerson said:
Our approach [to climate change] is we do look at the range of the outcomes and try and understand the consequences of that, and clearly there's going to be an impact. So I'm not disputing that increasing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere is going to have an impact. It'll have a warming impact. The -- how large it is what is very hard for anyone to predict.
He went on to say: We have to be efficient and we have to manage it, but we also need to look at the other side of the engineering solution, which is how are we going to adapt to it. And there are solutions. It's not a problem that we can't solve.
WHEREAS on June 14, 2013 at the City Club of Cleveland Mr. Tillerson made the following statements about climate change:  I view it as a risk management problem. There are some things we know and understand about it. There are a lot of things about it that we don't know and don't understand. We're not sure how this is going to turn out.
What am I going to do if it turns out that none of my mitigation steps make any difference?  What if it turns out that this is happening for a lot of reasons that I don't understand? What's Plan B?  Plan B means you had better start thinking about what kind of adaptation measures are going to be necessary if the consequences that people are concerned about present themselves.
WHEREAS our company’s 2012 Energy Outlook projects continued increases in energy demand through at least 2040, and increasing annual CO2 emissions.  If these projections are correct, global temperatures will be significantly higher by 2040.
WHEREAS we believe our company should report to shareholders its strategic plans to address climate change and its impacts in the context of Mr. Tillerson’s perspectives about climate change and the projections in the Energy Outlook Report.
RESOLVED:  Exxon Mobil shareholders request that by September 30, 2014 our company issue a report to shareholders (at reasonable cost and omitting proprietary information) that describes the company’s strategic plan in the context of:
Projections of global temperature increases over the next 35 years and resulting impacts of climate change that our company is using in its strategic planning. 
The engineering solutions to climate change our company is expecting.  
Steps are our company is taking to develop these solutions.
What the impact on our company could be if mitigation steps by companies and governments are not effective.
What is “Plan B”, as noted by Mr. Tillerson, for Exxon Mobil?
Risk management steps our company is taking or planning to take to address climate change.