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Dominion Renewable Options for Customers 2012

WHEREAS, Dominion Virginia Power is the largest vertically integrated energy company in the Commonwealth of Virginia providing a full array of energy-related operations and services, such as the generation, transmission, distribution and marketing of electricity.  
Customers of Dominion Virginia Power have increasingly expressed interest in generating renewable energy at their homes and businesses, with more than 560 customers already taking advantage of existing programs.  Due to this increased interested Dominion Virginia Power has proposed a $60 monthly standby charge for customer-sited systems with the capacity to generate more than 10 kilowatts.  Customers and renewable energy advocates have expressed concerns that this would decrease the potential for customer-sited renewable energy sources.
Renewable energy has significant potential and economic and environmental benefits.  The potential for installing solar panels on rooftops in Virginia has been estimated to be over 25,000 MW by 2025, which would generate enough power to supply about 41% of Virginia’s energy needs.
Some of Dominion Virginia Power’s peers, such as Duke Energy subsidiary Northern Indiana Power Supply Company (NIPSCO) offer programs to incentivize customer-sited renewable energy generation of similar sizes.  NIPSCO’s feed in tariff program pays customers with the potential to generate more than 5 kilowatts of renewable energy rather than charging them.
RESOLVED: Shareholders request that Dominion Resources publish a report at reasonable cost and omitting proprietary information, by February, 2013, on policy options, above and beyond current company activities and policies, to encourage consumers and businesses to install renewable energy generation systems.