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Dominion Community Impact Plant Closures 2012

WHEREAS, Dominion Resources has made an appropriate business decision to reduce costs and improve efficiency by retiring or replacing many of its aging coal-fired power plants that would require extensive investment to continue operating.  The retirement and replacement of these facilities, which are located in Massachusetts, Virginia, West Virginia, and Indiana, will significantly reduce pollution and will have substantial economic, public health, and environmental benefits.  
These outdated facilities are also sources of employment and tax payments for the communities in which they are located.  As Dominion Resources’ peer companies have made similar decisions, some have implemented policies to work with affected constituencies and communities on plans to minimize job loss and maintain financial support such as tax revenues.  
NRG signed an agreement with the State of Delaware to retire 3 of its 4 coal units at the Indian River power plant.  The agreement includes investment in offshore wind, solar power, and electric vehicle infrastructure in and near the communities affected and tuition reimbursement and hiring preference for employees training in these fields.  Tennessee Valley Authority is retiring more than 2,000 MW of its coal-fired power plant capacity, which would affect 300-400 workers, but through retirements and transfers they will limit any potential job loss associated with those plans.
Studies by the American Clean Skies Foundation and Salem Alliance for the Environment highlight dozens of power plant facilities and properties that have been redeveloped to provide jobs and tax payments to communities.  The State of Massachusetts has agreed to extend tax revenues to communities like Salem, MA for years beyond the time when a power plant retires.
RESOLVED: Shareholders request that Dominion Resources publish a report at reasonable cost and omitting proprietary information, by February, 2013 on policies and best practices for minimizing impacts to communities affected by facility retirements and replacements, including reducing job loss and maintaining public and private financial support.