Summit Partner

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2016 Summit Conveners
Christiana Figueres
Executive Secretary, UN Framework
Convention on Climate Change


John Chiang
California State Treasurer


Janet Cowell
North Carolina State Treasurer


Thomas P. DiNapoli
New York State Comptroller


Jack Ehnes
CEO, California State Teachers’
Retirement System


Tim Eichenberg
New Mexico State Treasurer


Deborah Goldberg
Massachusetts State Treasurer


Mary Kay Henry
President, Service Employees
International Union


Nancy K. Kopp
Maryland State Treasurer


Donald McDonald
Chair, Institutional Investors
Group on Climate Change


Seth Magaziner
Rhode Island State Treasurer


James L. McIntire
Washington State Treasurer


Denise L. Nappier
Connecticut State Treasurer

Elizabeth Pearce
Vermont State Treasurer


Frank Pegan
Chair, Investor Group
on Climate Change


Anne Stausboll
CEO, California Public
Employees’ Retirement System


Scott Stringer
New York City Comptroller


Richard L. Trumka
President, AFL-CIO


Betty Yee
California State Controller
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Investor Summit on Climate Risk: Advancing the Clean Trillion

Investor Summit on Climate Risk: Advancing the Clean Trillion

January 27, 2016 | United Nations Headquarters, NYC

8:00am Registration and Breakfast – UN Headquarters
9:00am Morning Plenary Session Begins – Trusteeship Council Chamber
9:00am Opening Remarks
  • Kathy Calvin, President, United Nations Foundation
  • Mindy S. Lubber, President, Ceres; Director, Investor Network on Climate Risk
9:15am Welcome from the United Nations
  • Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General, United Nations
9:25am Opportunities and Action Steps from UN Climate Conference in Paris
  • Timothy E. Wirth, Vice Chair, United Nations Foundation
  • Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
10:00am Keynote Address: Post-Paris, Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Michael R. Bloomberg, Founder, Bloomberg LP; Former Mayor, New York City; UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change
10:20am Advancing the Clean Trillion: Closing the Clean Energy Investment Gap
  • Michael Liebreich, Founder and Chairman of the Advisory Board, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
10:50am Break
11:10am Accelerating the Shift to a Low-Carbon Global Economy
  • Ed Crooks, U.S. Energy and Industry Editor, Financial Times (Moderator)
  • Dr. Guo Peiyuan, Co-Founder & General Manager, SynTao Co. Ltd.
11:40am Financing the Clean Energy Future
  • Brian Moynihan, Chairman and CEO, Bank of America
12:00pm Luncheon – UN Delegates Dining Room
1:30pm Focus Sessions (Concurrent Sessions)
Turning Promise Into Projects: Catalyzing Clean Energy Investment in Developing Countries
Accelerating institutional investments in large-scale renewable energy deployment in developing countries is a critical linchpin in global efforts to limit the worst impacts of climate change. Opportunities for making such investments in Africa, Asia and other emerging economies are growing rapidly and hitting record levels - the result of lower technology costs, more ambitious national goals and reduced regulatory barriers. Hear from leading investors and on-the-ground experts about large-scale projects that are coming on line, new regional markets that are opening up and how institutional investors can best tap into these opportunities while earning solid returns.
  • Rachel Kyte, CEO, Sustainable Energy for All, and Special Representative of the Secretary-General
  • Matthew Nordan, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, MNL Partners
  • Jens-Christian Stougaard, PensionDanmark
  • Dr. Ion Yadigaroglu, Capricorn Investment Group
  • Richenda Van Leeuwen, UN Foundation (Moderator)
Minding the Gap: How Can Electric Sector Capital Flows Be Increased at the Speed and Scale Needed?
Over $1.5 trillion has been invested globally in renewable energy to date, yet there is a clean energy investment gap that remains: substantial increased clean energy investment will be needed to limit global temperature rise to no more than 2 degrees Celsius. This session will take a deep dive into groundbreaking analysis regarding the sources and volumes of capital that are needed to drive clean energy investment in the electric sector at the speed and scale needed.
  • Ken Locklin, Impax Asset Management
  • Ethan Zindler, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  • Sue Reid, Ceres (Moderator)
Driving Innovation: Opportunities in Transportation Electrification
Shifting to a low-carbon transportation sector is not only necessary to meet climate goals but will also create a wide variety of investment opportunities. Come participate in an interactive discussion about the outlook for Electric Vehicles (EVs), how policies are driving EV deployment and charging infrastructure, and how utilities and investors can benefit from this revolution in transportation.
  • David Greene, University of Tennessee
  • Alfred Griffin, New York Green Bank
  • Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla
  • Nancy Pfund, DBL Investors
  • Carol Lee Rawn, Ceres (Moderator)
Insurers Investing in Climate Solutions: Managing Risk and Return
The global re/insurance industry, the largest industry in the world by assets, has begun to mobilize its expertise and resources toward building a low-carbon, climate-resilient world. Hear a distinguished panel of insurance investment experts discuss how they have led their respective organizations in establishing commitments for investing in climate solutions, as well as building the core internal capabilities required to successfully realize the opportunities.
  • Ric Abel, Prudential Capital Group
  • Manuel Lewin, Zurich Insurance
  • Stephanie Maier, Aviva Investors
  • Shaun Tarbuck, International Cooperative & Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF)
  • Cynthia McHale, Ceres (Moderator)
2:45pm Break
3:00pm Afternoon Plenary Session Begins – Trusteeship Council Chamber
3:00pm Investor Action on Carbon Asset Risk and Climate Risk
  • Scott M. Stringer, Comptroller, New York City (Moderator)
  • Jagdeep Singh Bachher, CIO, University of California
  • Denis Duverne, Deputy CEO, AXA
  • Kristy Jenkinson, Managing Director, Wespath Investment Management
3:40pm Expanding Investment in Clean Energy
  • Jack Ehnes, CEO, CalSTRS (Moderator)
  • Vicki Fuller, CIO, New York State Common Retirement Fund
  • David Giordano, Managing Director, BlackRock
  • Rachel Kyte, CEO, Sustainable Energy for All, and Special Representative of the Secretary-General
  • Erik van Houwelingen, Board Member, ABP
4:30pm Closing Keynote Address
5:15pm Conclusion and Next Steps
  • Timothy E. Wirth, Vice Chair, United Nations Foundation
  • Mindy Lubber, President, Ceres; Director, Investor Network on Climate Risk
5:30pm Networking Reception – UN Delegates Dining Room


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