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Investor Statement Opposing California Proposition 23
We are 68 investors collectively managing over $415 billion in assets, writing to urge California voters to oppose Proposition 23, the statewide ballot initiative to stop implementation of the state’s landmark clean energy law, AB32.
Letter to National Oil Spill Commission - December 2010
As President of Ceres and Director of the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR), I am writing concerning the critical role that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) should play in improving corporate reporting of material offshore drilling risks. Greater transparency will benefit investors, regulators and ultimately the public by making it clear whether and how the industry is actually addressing the weaknesses identified by the Macondo spill, and by leveraging market forces to push for improved performance on spill prevention and response.
Global Investor Statement on Climate Change (November 2010)
Oil and Insurance Letters (August 2010)
INCR Letter to SEC (March 2010)
SEC's Interpretive Guidance on Climate-Related Risk Disclosure (January 2010)
SEC Fact Sheet: Companies Must Disclose (January 2010)
2010 Investor Statement on Catalyzing Investment in a Low-Carbon Economy
SEC Supplemental Climate Risk Petition (November 23, 2009)
SEC Climate Risk Full Petition (September 2007)
SEC Letter to Division of Corporate Finance (September 2007)
Submission to the Ontario Securities Commission (October 2009)
2009 Investor Statement on a Global Climate Agreement
Investor Letter to SEC (June 2009)
Investor Toolkit for Assessing Water RIsk (February 2009)
INCR Climate and Energy Policy Letter (February 2009)
Investor Letter on Obama Stimulus Plan (January 2009)
Investor Statement on Climate Change (December 2008)
Citi Ceres Transportation Fact Sheet (March 2011)
In Brief's and One-Pagers
May 04, 2011
Report Fact Sheets
May 04, 2011
Press Files
May 11, 2011
Real Estate
Sep 22, 2011
Insurance Files
Sep 27, 2011
Google Site Verification File
Google Business Verification File
Outside Reports
Jan 26, 2012
IIRC Investor Network Backgrounder
Investor Files
Feb 22, 2012
Conference Files
Feb 22, 2012
Oil & Gas
Mar 28, 2012
Sustainability Roundtable Files
Apr 23, 2012
Executive Summaries
Dec 23, 2013
Methane Emissions
Jun 13, 2012
Corporate Engagement Opportunities on Water Risk
Aqua Gauge 2 Pager
PTC Investor Sign On Letter
PTC Sign On Letter October 24, 2012
Webinar Presentations
Dec 07, 2012
McCarthy Letter
Apr 01, 2013
Realizing Renewable Energy Goal Memo
Policy Files
Jun 13, 2013
CAR Mats
Aug 09, 2013
Oct 10, 2013
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ESG and Water Integration Presentation
An Evening with Ceres Invite
Benchmarking Air Emissions Fact Sheet
Benchmarking Air Emissions 2014 Teleconference
Carbon Standards Letters
Jun 01, 2014
Letters of support for EPA Carbon Pollution Standards June 2014
Ceres EPA Standards Teleconference
Charting the Future of Sustainability Graphics
Jun 10, 2014
Water & Climate Risks Facing U.S. Corn Production Telepresser
Ceres 25 2 Pager
Ceres 25 Sponsor & Table Information
Benchmarking Utility Clean Energy Teleconference
Carbon Pollution Standards Letter
EPA Clean Power Plan Fact Sheet
BICEP Truck Standards Letter
Clean Power Plan Support Teleconference
CAR Press Call
Letters to major refiners concerning physical risks from climate change
2015 BICEP OR Clean Fuels Letter
2014 Investor Letter OR LCFS Letter
INCR CAR Letter Without Signatories
Connect the Drops Teleconference
Carbon Asset Risk Investor Quarterly
Case Studies
May 20, 2015
Clean Power Plan Governor Letter
CA SB350 Sign On Letter
SB32 Company Sign on Letter
RSPO Letter
The Evolution of Stakeholder Engagement
Clean Power Plan State Letters
Jul 30, 2015
BICEP Letter to CA Air Resources Board 9.16.15
Sep 16, 2015
Ceres Letterhead
Bank Statement on Climate Policy
BICEP and INCR Letters on Fuel Standards
Sep 30, 2015
Global Food and Beverage Leadership Statement on Climate Change
Sep 30, 2015
WFE: Guidance & Recommendations for Sustainability Disclosures
Agenda | 2016 Investor Summit on Climate Risk
MI Corporate Letter in Support of Clean Energy-Legislature
Ohio Company Response to Energy Mandate Study Report
Chevron Industry Lobbying Letter December 2015
Exxon Industry Lobbying Letter December 2015
Countering the Oil Industry Campaign Against California Climate Policy
Updated Global Food and Beverage Leadership Statement on Climate Change
The Business Brief - We Mean Business
Apparel Statement
WFE Comment Period_Ceres_Mar25
WFE ESG Guidance_Ceres_2015
BNEF - Michael Liebreich - Clean Energy Investment Presentation - Investor Summit 2016
SCOTUS CPP Stay Media Toolkit for Investors
SCOTUS CPP Stay Media Toolkit for Companies
Connect and Learn Webinar Winter 2016
Groundwater Proposition 1 Water Storage Investment Plan
Paris Signing Support Statement FAQs
FAQ - Paris Statement
BICEP Member Support for Fuel Efficiency Truck Standards