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What does it mean to Sign?

By signing the Climate Declaration, your company is expressing its support for the statement. Once your company has signed, it will be added to the list of signatories and for companies with annual revenue of $100m or greater, your logo will be added to the Climate Declaration design.

There are no other requirements to sign. Signing the Climate Declaration does not mean that your business supports any specific piece of legislation and there is no cost associated with signing.

For those companies looking to engage further, there are opportunities to take action beyond adding their name or logo. Opportunities to engage include:

  1. Spreading the message through social media and other online communications
  2. Engaging your consumers and employees as individuals in support of the Climate Declaration
  3. Telling your own clean energy or climate mitigation story through blogs or op-eds
  4. Recruiting other businesses in your industry or networks to sigh the Climate Declaration
  5. Engaging with state or federal policy makers through written letters and in person meetings.

Ceres communicates these opportunities to signatories on a regular basis.

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