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Ceres Conference 2014

Join us at the Ceres Conference 2014 to connect with fellow leaders creating the innovative solutions that will build a more sustainable global economy.

The Future Is Now

April 30 - May 1
Westin Waterfront Hotel
Boston, MA

The future is now and our mission is more urgent than ever. So join us and more than 600 sustainability leaders in Boston at the Ceres Conference 2014, April 30th - May 1st, to celebrate Ceres’s 25th anniversary and build a sustainable global economy.

Throughout the two-day program, attendees will engage on a broad range of topics, including:

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Clean energy investment opportunities
  • Corporate sustainability for the 21st Century

Featured Plenary:

Unlocking Sustainability Innovation: The Business Case for Empowering Women

business womanAcross the globe, women disproportionately feel the acute impacts of climate change, constrained natural resources and inequitable working conditions. They represent half of the world's population and do two-thirds of the world's work, yet earn only one-tenth of the world's income and own less than one percent of the world's property.

To solve global sustainability challenges we must access the innovation and business acumen of women. There is growing evidence that when this happens, the potential for change is significant and the pay off is huge. Join us as we explore how leading investors and companies are recognizing the business case for empowering women to overcome social and environmental challenges, unlock innovation and unleash economic potential.

Featured Workshop:


Wicked High TidesAs with other major coastal cities, Boston is confronted with increasing challenges from hurricanes, heightened storm surges and increased flood risks as a result of climate change and sea-level rise.

Join us for an exciting and educational boat tour of Boston Harbor where you’ll see first-hand how the city is working to coordinate both public and private sectors to develop sustainable, value-added solutions that improve the city's ability to manage and plan for anticipated climate change impacts on it’s coastline, harbor and ports. Aboard the ship, we’ll be joined by city officials and a professional tour guide to point out building innovations, historic sites and more as we sail through historic Boston Harbor.


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