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Become a Ceres Company

Ceres companies come from a range of sectors from financial services to manufacturers, to electric power to retailers and technology companies. Ceres companies are able to achieve competitive advantages by integrating environmental and social performance into their business strategies. They understand that environmental and social issues pose potential risks for their businesses and are committed to addressing them.

The Ceres Company Network has nearly 70 members representing more than 20 industries, including technology, footwear and apparel, food and beverage, oil and gas, electric utilities, and financial services. More than half of the companies in the Ceres Company Network are listed on the S&P 500. For a list of our members click here.

Companies in the Ceres Network understand that environmental and social sustainability issues pose potential risks for their businesses, and they are able to achieve competitive advantage by integrating sustainability considerations into the DNA of the company. Listen to our members talk about the benefits of being in the network:


With more than twenty years experience engaging companies on issues of corporate sustainability, Ceres has created some of the key building blocks for addressing environmental and social challenges within core business practices. In 1997, Ceres created the Global Reporting Initiative—the international standard for sustainability reporting. In 2010, Ceres released The 21st Century Corporation: Ceres Roadmap for Sustainability, a practical guide for companies looking to build a comprehensive corporate sustainability strategy.

Ceres sits at the intersection of investor, business, and advocates—bringing together these important perspectives to help companies better realize the competitive advantage of sustainable business.

Benefits of Joining the Company Network

  • A diverse and dedicated stakeholder team to support the company with its sustainability program including strategy, reporting, policy development, and issue-specific dialogues on topics such as supply chain sustainability, employee engagement, and water stewardship;
  • Customized consultation and advice from a dedicated manager and issue experts;
  • Access to a leading coalition of global investors, environmental and social organizations, and other expert stakeholders on issues of sustainability;
  • Access to the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR) and insight into rising investor interest on corporate sustainability issues;
  • Opportunities to engage in and influence industry dialogues;
  • Incident response advice, including correspondence with coalition members and other contacts;
  • Reduced rates to attend the Ceres Conference and members-only access to pre-conference meetings and other Ceres events;
  • Access and members-only previews of Ceres' leading reports on emerging sustainability issues, trends, and benchmarking.

Membership Requirements

Ceres requires the following commitments from member companies:

  1. Executive-level commitment to improve environmental and social performance, including reference to the company’s publicly available sustainability values or principles.
  2. Public reporting on sustainability strategy, commitments and performance--or commitment to disclose within the first 18 months of membership. Ceres encourages companies to use the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines.
  3. Engagement with the Ceres Coalition of investors and sustainability experts, as well as other stakeholders, in dialogue regarding sustainability disclosure, strategy, commitments, and performance, and the integration and consideration of stakeholder feedback into performance and disclosure.
  4. Continuous improvement of both performance and disclosure on sustainability issues.


Annual Membership Dues

Ceres Company Network membership dues are based on annual revenues and range in cost from $2,000 to $40,000.

For More Information

For more information about the Ceres Company Network and how to join download our one-pager or contact Miguel CuUnjieng.

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