About Ceres

Ceres is a non-profit organization advocating for sustainability leadership. We mobilize a powerful network of investors, companies and public interest groups to accelerate and expand the adoption of sustainable business practices and solutions to build a healthy global economy.

Our Mission

Mobilizing investor and business leadership to build a thriving, sustainable global economy.

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Ceres is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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Ceres - Mobilizing Business Leadership for a Sustainable World

Ceres leads a national coalition of investors, environmental organizations and other public interest groups working with companies to address sustainability challenges such as global climate change and water scarcity.

Ceres News

Ceres Press Release
Ceres Commends PG&E On Its Plan To Retire Its Nuclear Power Plant

06/21/2016: Statement from Ceres President Mindy Lubber in response to PG&E’s proposal to retire the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant at the end of its current licenses and replace the plant’s output with a combination of zero-carbon resources, including energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy storage.

Ceres Press Release
Transportation Is No. 1 Source of Carbon Emissions. What Can Corporate Fleets Do?

06/21/2016: The transportation sector is now the biggest contributor to US carbon dioxide emissions, beating the power sector, which has long-held that dubious distinction since 1979, according to the US Energy Information Agency (EIA).

Environmental Leader
Food, Beverage Execs to GOP: Climate Change Is Hurting Our Supply Chains

05/31/2016: At a congressional briefing, executives from Ben & Jerry’s, Clif Bar, Kellogg Company, Mars Incorporated, PepsiCo, Stonyfield and Unilever discussed how climate change is disrupting global food supplies and their own supply chains.

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Ceres Blogs and Columns

Water Deeply
Watershed Protection Comes From Corporate Partners

06/24/2016: Coca-Cola is backing efforts to help restore key watersheds in southern California, signaling a new era in corporate water stewardship, writes Kirsten James, who oversees the California policy program at Ceres.

Investors Accelerate Climate Action In Post-Paris Agreement World

06/08/2016: The signing of the Paris Agreement has provided a fresh boost of momentum to the Ceres Clean Trillion campaign. Investors are now positioning themselves to capture the opportunities of the low-carbon, clean energy future, and manage the risks of continued reliance on high-carbon energy resources such as coal, oil and gas.

Huffington Post
Investors Must Keep Pressuring Oil Majors on Climate Risk

06/06/2016: Annual general meetings are usually a time for reflecting on strategies to increase revenues for the coming year, global energy outlooks, and governance. But last week’s meetings at ExxonMobil and Chevron were different. They represented a watershed moment in combating the threats posed by climate change.

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