The Ceres Clean Trillion campaign encourages investors, companies and policymakers to invest an additional $1 trillion per year globally in clean, low-carbon energy, and ratchet down investment in high-carbon fossil fuels, to keep global temperature rise to well-below 2-degrees Celsius.

Tackling climate change requires shifting investment flows away from high-carbon fossil fuels and into low-carbon, clean energy sources. Clean energy has gone from “alternative” to mainstream, and clean energy investment opportunities are proliferating amid the now inevitable and irreversible transition to a clean energy economy. Yet, investment levels remain far short of the more than the additional $1 trillion per year needed to limit the worst impacts of climate change.

The Ceres Clean Trillion campaign seeks to ramp up investments in clean energy around the world at the speed and scale required. This important goal comprises both a tremendous challenge and enormous opportunity and is achievable if investors, companies and policymakers take action to advance clean energy leadership, action and solutions. 

Here’s how: 

Investors can take advantage of clean energy investment opportunities and help grow the clean energy economy by:

  • Managing climate and carbon asset risks and opportunities in their portfolios.
  • Investing in clean energy across asset classes.
  • Pressing companies to improve their practices on energy and climate change, including by addressing carbon asset risks and voting for shareholder resolutions.
  • Supporting policies that advance clean energy opportunities.

For additional recommendations, see Investing in the Clean Trillion and Mapping The Gap.

Companies can take advantage of clean energy opportunities and help accelerate the global shift to clean energy by:

  • Reducing their greenhouse gas emissions across their operations and supply chains
  • Improving their energy efficiency/productivity and reducing electricity demand
  • Obtaining their electricity from renewable energy sources
  • Supporting policies that expand investment in clean energy

For additional recommendations, see the Ceres Roadmap for Sustainability and Ceres principles that members of the Ceres Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy network are advocating for in support of U.S. climate and energy policy.

Policymakers can support clean energy investment and deployment by enacting policies that:

  • Stimulate investment in energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean transportation
  • Put a limit and set a price on carbon pollution, and phase out subsidies for high-carbon fuels
  • Implement the Paris Climate Agreement, the first-ever global accord to tackle climate change

More than 1,000 companies and investors have now signed the Low-Carbon USA statement, calling on the Trump administration and Congress to support low-carbon policies and continue implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement.


“Ceres has played a key role in catalyzing the flow of capital to support the low-carbon transition. It was at the heart of landmark announcements from the investor community that assisted in demonstrating to governments that trillions of dollars are now shifting – crucial for helping to build the confidence that inspired the adoption of the historic Paris Agreement.”

- Christiana Figueres, former Executive Secretary, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change


“I call on the investor community to build on the strong momentum from Paris and seize the opportunities for clean energy growth. I challenge investors to double – at a minimum – their clean energy investments by 2020. Sustainable, clean energy is growing, but not nearly fast enough to meet energy demand which is required by what science tells. The investor community is of critical importance if we are to move from aspirations to action.”

 - Ban Ki-moon, Former Secretary General, United Nations (at the Ceres Investor Summit on Climate Risk)