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Business Leaders Join Forces to Lend Support for Climate and Energy Bill

Hill Briefings and White House Visit Top Today's Agenda

June 25, 2009 – CEOs from a dozen leading electric power, technology and consumer companies are visiting the nation's capital today to push the business case for strong climate and clean energy legislation before a key House vote this week on the Waxman/Markey bill.
WASHINGTON DC. Jun 25, 2009

CEOs from a dozen leading electric power, technology and consumer companies are visiting the nation's capital today to push the business case for strong climate and clean energy legislation before a key House vote this week on the Waxman/Markey bill.

Many of the same companies signed onto print ads published in key DC newspapers this week urging Congress and President Obama to lead and swiftly enact comprehensive legislation to ensure America's prosperous and competitive future.

"We support this legislation because certainty and clear rules of the road enable us to plan, build and innovate our businesses," said the Open Letter from business to President Obama and Congress.   The letter is published in today's Roll Call, Politico and CQ Today and goes on to say, "It will drive investment into cost-saving, energy-saving technologies, and will create the next wave of jobs in the new energy economy."

The following company executives are in Washington today to share their thoughts on why major businesses support the bill:

Electric Power Sector:  Austin Energy CEO Roger Duncan; Exelon CEO John Rowe; FPL Group CEO Lewis Hay; PG&E CEO Peter Darbee; National Grid U.S. President Thomas King; NRG CEO David Crane; and PSEG Energy Holdings President Randy Mehrberg.

Consumer Sector: Aspen Skiing Co. CEO Mike Kaplan; Seventh Generation CEO Jeffrey Hollender; Timberland CEO Jeffrey Swartz.

Technology Sector: Symantec CEO Enrique Salem.

Real Estate Sector: Jones Lang LaSalle CEO of Public Institutions Herman Bulls.

Also attending today's meetings in Washington is Ceres President Mindy Lubber, whose group coordinates the Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP) and Jeff Anderson, Executive Director of the Clean Economy Network.

CEO Quotes In Support of the Business Outreach Effort and Climate & Energy Legislation:

Aspen Skiing Co. CEO Mike Kaplan: "Climate change is the most significant long term threat to the ski industry and we have already begun to see the impacts of global warming on our mountain environment.  In the Roaring Fork Valley alone thousands of people's jobs depend directly upon winter sports.  We urge Congress to take significant action now to control future emissions and to ensure we save snow and the economic viability of mountain resorts like Aspen for current and future generations."

Exelon Chairman & CEO John Rowe: “Addressing climate change is one of the most compelling causes of our time, and we encourage members of the House to take bold and decisive action to pass this pragmatic and balanced legislation.  Chairmen Waxman and Markey, along with Representative Boucher, have crafted a bill that balances the need to protect consumers, business and the economy with the urgent need to reduce our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions.”

FPL Group CEO Lew Hay: "The American Clean Energy and Security Act will help create jobs, foster more domestic energy production from the wind and the sun, and address the climate threat head-on. While no legislation is perfect, this bill is a critical step in the right direction."

Jones Lang LaSalle CEO Herman Bulls: “We at Jones Lang LaSalle recognize the tremendous opportunity for collaboration between government policy-makers and business leaders to address energy and climate issues productively,” said Herman Bulls, CEO of Public Institutions at Jones Lang LaSalle. “As real estate solutions providers to the public and private sectors, we know that enhancing energy efficiency is a win-win proposition for companies and communities alike, and we’re committed to helping identify and implement those strategies.”

National Grid U.S. President Tom King: "Tackling climate change is absolutely vital for the US, and we're pleased to be one of the many companies that have come together to work with our political leaders and support the move towards a low carbon economy."

PG&E CEO Peter Darbee: "We strongly believe that climate change is an urgent matter, requiring immediate action and bold solutions. We believe that the process to date has resulted in a strong bill that works to balance competing interests and puts the nation on a path to achieve significant and necessary greenhouse gas emission reductions, while protecting consumers and advancing new technologies that will create clean energy jobs for America."

PSEG CEO Ralph Izzo: "We are here in Washington because we believe Congress needs to put a price on carbon emissions. The innovation that will lead to a clean energy future is fully within reach, but only if we can find the collective will to act. We urge the House to approve climate legislation this week."

Seventh Generation Executive Chairperson and Chief Inspired Protagonist Jeffrey Hollender: “As business leaders and citizens, we will be judged by succeeding generations on whether we met the climate change challenge head on or instead left behind a planet to future generations that bears little resemblance to the one we now enjoy. Now is the time to act.”

Symantec CEO Enrique Salem:  "Symantec supports and encourages the Obama Administration and Congress to pursue comprehensive climate change legislation.  The IT industry is accountable for doing its part to improve energy efficiency.  Symantec has pledged to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and is committed to implementing and participating in innovative initiatives to support our environmental strategy to help us and our customers achieve those goals."

For more on the campaign, visit and

The Clean Economy Network Inc. (CEN) is the advocacy organization for the clean technology and green business community.  As the political voice for the investors, entrepreneurs, and business professionals who are building the clean economy, CEN supports the development of public policies critical to scaling the clean economy as a whole, creating jobs, and addressing climate change.

Ceres is a leading coalition of investors, environmental groups and other public interest organizations working with companies to address sustainability challenges such as climate change. Ceres launched Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP) in November. For more information on BICEP and its members, visit