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Eileen Fisher is an American women's clothing retailer founded by the clothing designer of the same name. Headquartered in New York, the company's mission is to design beautifully simple clothing designed to move with real life. Sustainability is of importance to the brand, and currently 70 percent of Eileen Fisher's cotton is organic. 

When asked why it joined BICEP in 2009, Eileen Fisher replied, "We know that Earth’s changing climate affects our customers and our suppliers, most specifically those that tend and grow the high-quality natural fibers at the core of our business. And we know that creating strong climate policy is a key component to reducing the risks of climate change."

“Supporting positive change has always been important at EILEEN FISHER. We are honored to join the collective voices of BICEP and support the work of our U.S. legislators to develop climate policy."

Eileen Fisher, CEO, EILEEN FISHER, Inc.